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Golu Dev temple - The temple of Bells

My Jyotish Expert Updated 29 Jun 2021 01:21 PM IST
Golu dev temple
Golu dev temple - Photo : google
The deity completes the requests, after reviewing the application, worshippers offer bells.
Uttarakhand is well-known among visitors for its magical hue, but it is equally significant from a religious standpoint. It is known as Dev Bhoomi because of the sacred pilgrimages that take place here, and the unique temples and their tales are well-known across the world.

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In the Almora area, a Golu Dev temple is one of a kind in the world, located in Chittai. It is believed that no other temple in the world has as many bells as the Golu Dev temple alone. At the same time, fulfilling the wishes of people by reading the petition of the complainant in this temple by God, adds to its uniqueness.
The Golu Devta Chitai temple, dedicated to Gollu or Goljyu Devta, an Avtar (incarnation) of Lord Shiva in the form of Gaur Bhairav, is a well-known temple in Chitai Almora. Although Almora has several Golu Devta temples, the Chitai Golu Devta Temple is the holiest. It is said to grant every wish if the worshipper requests with a pure mind. The temple is located 9 km from Almora.
This temple is well-known not just in the county but even outside. That is why tourists and devotees travel from all over the world to visit. As soon as you enter this temple, a slew of bells begins to sound. Even the temple's residents are unaware of how many tonnes of bells are visible in every single corner of the holy place. The common people refer to it as the "temple of bells," since a chain of bells appears as soon as you enter.

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In fact, there is a history of ringing bells to mark the fulfillment of vows, and these bells also attest to the fact that people's wishes are granted on a big scale here. The unique aspect is that these bells are not melted, sold, or used in any other way by the temple management. Rather, it has been preserved as a gift from God.
The bells that can be seen in the temple are really a smaller number of bells that are withdrawn progressively and stored safely to make place for more bells in the temple.
In Uttarakhand, Golu Devta is known as the God of Justice. Their conviction is that individuals who do not receive justice elsewhere apply to their court and receive justice promptly. This is why there is a custom of filing applications at the temple. Devotees from all over the world write a significant number of applications to fulfill their desires, which can be seen there.
It is believed that once Golu Devta reads these applications, he grants his requests, and followers present bells as a sign of respect. This is why many people refer to this temple as the temple of applications.

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