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Guru is responsible for happiness and good fortune, do these measures to make Devguru beneficial

My jyotish expert Updated 29 Sep 2021 11:33 AM IST
Devguru Jupiter
Devguru Jupiter - Photo : My jyotish expert
Devguru Jupiter has a vital place in astrology. These are the largest planets among all the planets. Devguru Jupiter is the planet of happiness and luck. When they are exalted in the horoscope, they bring bliss, good fortune, honor, and status to the general public. They bring success in every aspect of life. But when they are in a debilitated position or when there is a Guru Dosh in the horoscope of a person, then he has to face many problems in life. These simple measures should be taken to maintain the auspiciousness of the Guru or to eliminate the effect of Guru Dosha winning in the horoscope.

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To get the favorability of Dev Guru Brihaspati, individuals ought to discuss Rudrashtadhyayi and Shiva Sahasranama. Rudrabhishek is additionally a successful cure.
The ominousness of Devguru likewise finishes by noticing a fast on Thursday. Remember that once the Thursday fast is started, it ought to be done consistently for 5, 11 or 43 weeks.
Chanting Vedic or Tantric Guru Mantra and reciting Kavach and Stotra on Thursday will be very beneficial.
One should take bath with turmeric or saffron mixed daily or on Thursday. After that apply saffron i in the navel.
On Thursday, offer yellow Kaner flower to your Guru's idol in the worship of Guru.
Serve your guru or any sage-saint and offer them Guru Dakshina .  But knowingly or unknowingly don't insult them.
Feed gram dal to a parrot every day. By this remedy, both Mercury and Devguru Jupiter are pleased. This brings them auspiciousness.
Wear Jupiter Yantra or Pukhraj made in gold leaf in the right arm.
Wearing a knot of turmeric in a yellow cloth and wearing it in your arms also gives auspiciousness to Jupiter.
Along with worshiping the Guru, worship the banana tree on every Thursday. This will remove the inauspiciousness of the Guru.

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