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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Guru Pradosh 2021: Know the Significance, Fast Story, Fast timings

Guru Pradosh 2021: Know the Significance, Fast Story, Fast timings

MyJotish Expert Updated 08 Aug 2021 10:44 AM IST
Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva - Photo : Google
Pradosh Vrat is today for example fifth August, the day is on Thursday. The Pradosh Vrat that falls on Thursday is called Guru Pradosh Vrat. The Pradosh quick that comes each day has an alternate importance. Pradosh Vrat is seen on Trayodashi of Krishna and Shukla Paksha of consistently. It is accepted that by noticing Pradosh Vrat one gets independence from every one of the difficulties and wishes are satisfied. 

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Lord Shankar and Mata Parvati are revered in Pradosh Vrat. It is said that toward the finish of the love of Pradosh Vrat, one ought to recount or pay attention to the quick story. It is said that by doing this the fasting individual gets promising outcomes. Know the narrative of Guru Pradosh Vrat and in which time one ought not love Lord Shiva- 
Today's inauspicious time- 
Rahukal - 01:30 PM to 03 PM. 
Yamgand-06 AM to 07:30 AM. 
Gulik Call - 09 AM to 10:30 AM. 
Durmuhurta time - from 10.13 am to 11.06.00 toward the beginning of the day. 
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Guru Pradosh Vrat Story
As indicated by the legend, once there was a furious fight between the multitude of Indra and Vrittasura. The divine beings crushed and annihilated the evil spirit armed force. Seeing this, Vrittasura turned out to be exceptionally furious and himself prepared for war. He took an imposing structure from the satanic Maya. Every one of the divine beings were scared and arrived at Gurudev in the safe house of Jupiter. Brihaspati Maharaj said-First let me give you the genuine presentation of Vrittasura. Vrittasura is exceptionally austere and dedicated. He satisfied Shiva by doing extreme compensation on the Gandhamadan mountain. In prior occasions there was a lord named Chitraratha. When he went to Mount Kailash in his plane. Seeing Mother Parvati situated there in the left appendage of Shiva, he said with criticize - 'O Lord! Due to being caught in dream and hallucination, we stay heavily influenced by ladies, yet it was not noticeable in Devlok that the lady ought to be embraced and sit in the gathering. 
Hearing this expressions of Chitrarath, the inescapable Shivshankar chuckled and said - 'O ruler! My pragmatic perspective is unique. I have drank the Death Giver-Kalkoot Mahapoison, at this point you mock me like a normal individual! You have derided me just as the ubiquitous Maheshwar, so I will instruct you that you won't set out to derision such sages - presently you tumble down from the plane appearing as an evil spirit, I revile you. 
Because of the scourge of Jagadamba Bhavani, Chitraratha got the evil presence Yoni and became Vrittasura brought into the world from the incredible atonement of a sage named Tvashta. Gurudev Brihaspati further said-'Vritasur has been a fan of Shiva since youth, so O Indra! You kindly Lord Shankar by fasting Brihaspati Pradosh. Because of the magnificence of Guru Pradosh Vrat, Indra before long vanquished Vratasura and there was harmony in Devlok. In this way, every Shiva fan should notice Pradosh Vrat.

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