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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Hanuman Jayanti 2021: Worshipping Hanuman Ji brings Ashta Siddhi and Nav Nidhi (Nine Funds)) - Know What These Nine Nidhis are!

Hanuman Jayanti 2021: Worshipping Hanuman Ji brings Ashta Siddhi and Nav Nidhi (Nine Funds)) - Know What These Nine Nidhis are!

MyJyotish expert Updated 26 Apr 2021 04:04 PM IST
Hanuman Jayanti
Hanuman Jayanti - Photo : GOOGLE
The birth of Shree Ram bhakta Hanuman, considered to be the eleventh incarnation of Lord Shiva, is celebrated on the full moon day of the Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. On the day of Hanuman Jayanti, with the mere sight of Hanuman ji, all the troubles of life are eliminated. It is told in the scriptures that Mata Sita blessed Hanuman with eight siddhis and nine funds. Hence there comes a line in Hanuman Chalisa, 'Ashta Siddhi Nav Nidhi Ke Data, Asvar Deen Janaki Mata '.

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Let us know what these nine Nidhis (funds) are and what miracles happen after attaining them.

The first Nidhi that Hanuman ji holds is the Padma Nidhi. A person endowed with its traits is of satvik quality and his earned wealth is also satvik. The wealth earned in a satvik way goes on for generations. A person endowed with satvik qualities collects and donates gold, silver etc.

Mahapadma Nidhi – This fund is also satvic like Padma Nidhi. But its effect does not last from generation to generation. With this fund, the targeted person donates his collected wealth etc. to religious places.

Neel Nidhi - Both Sattva and Raja qualities are mixed in this Nidhi. Such funds are obtained by trade only. Therefore, both the qualities are dominant in a creature endowed with this fund. A man embellished with Neel Nidhi is united with Satvik Tej. His wealth lasts for three generations.

Mukunda Nidhi - This fund is completely dominated by Rajoguna. Hence, it is called a fund of royal nature. A person or a seeker who lives with this fund remains in the bhogadi, it finishes after one generation.

Nanda Nidhi- This Nidhi contains a mixture of Raz and Tama qualities. It is believed that this fund provides long life and continuous growth to the seeker. A person endowed with this fund is very happy with his praise. This fund provides long life and continuous growth to the seekers.

Makara Nidhi- This fund has been considered as Tamasi Nidhi. A person endowed with this fund is supposed to collect weapons and weapons. Such a person interferes with the king and rule. He outshines enemies in war.

Kachhap Fund - A person with this fund keeps his property hidden, he consumes his wealth himself.

Conch fund - Conch fund remains with the person for only one generation.

Kharva Nidhi - It is also called mixed fund. According to the name, this fund is a combination of the other eight funds. A person endowed with this fund is said to be of mixed nature.

Worshipping Hanuman ji brings Eight Siddhis and Nine Niddhis. Hence making the person Healthy,wealthy and Bestowed with all the great qualities.
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