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How Earthen Pots increase love in relationships? know these interesting facts,

MyJyotish expert Updated 24 Apr 2021 12:33 PM IST
Earthen Pots
Earthen Pots - Photo : GOOGLE
According to scriptures, when we talk about ancient times in context with religion, people used to keep water in mud pots called Matka in their homes, People generally used mud pots to cool the water because  there were no Refrigerators then.

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If we talk about Vastu Shastra, it is described that water kept in an earthen pot is considered more beneficial in terms of health. But do you know that mud pitcher brings happiness in the house. Yes, this is true and very few people  knows about it that drinking water which is kept in an earthen pot on one side has health benefits, and on the other hand keeping it in the house increases the happiness in the house. So, let us know that in Vastu Shastra it tells such things related to it, which gives evidence that how a pot of soil can be beneficial. 
Like we said that during ancient times people from villages used to had jug or pot of mud to fill water, although some people still use it today. Actually it is said that keeping water-filled jug at home is very beneficiary and their will be no lack of money in that house. Therefore, it should be kept in the house.
But in today’s time it seems a bit difficult to find the jug, so according to Vastu Shastra, a small pot of clay should be kept in the house. But keep in mind that it should never be  kept  empty, notice that it should always be filled with water. 
Keeping an empty pitcher in the house brings difficulties in the lives of the people living over there, and goes to Barkat. Apart from this, special care should also be taken regarding the place of its storage. According to Vastu, the most appropriate direction to keep it is north, because it is the direction of the god of water. 
It is often seen in some homes that the head of the household suffers from some kind of stress but they do not know the reason for it. According to Vastu Shastri, if Vastu Dosha occurs in such a house, in such a person should water any plant from the pit of Mati. 
Putting a lamp in front of a pot of water filled with soil also removes the economic troubles and keeping small pieces of decorations around it, maintains the bonding in the relationship.
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