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How Lord Vishnu persuaded Goddess Laxmi? Story of Laxmi & Padmavati Updated 13 Jul 2021 08:01 PM IST
Story of Lord Vishnu and Laxmi
Story of Lord Vishnu and Laxmi - Photo : Google
Goddess Lakshmi is called a Devi of wealth, luxury, fortune, and power. Lakshmi is the wife of Vishnu, one of the principal deities of Hindus. She is described as restless, whimsical yet maternal, with her arms raised to bless and to grant. She is also an important deity in Jainism and Buddhism.

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The story of Laxmi and Padmavati begins as Once Sage Bhrigu kicked Lord Vishnu on the chest but Lord Vishnu massaged rishi’s foot and asked if his foot was injured kicking his hard chest. Lakshmi finds this very disrespectful and asked Vishnu to punish Sage Bhrigu but Vishnu praised him and consoled Lakshmi. She finds this humiliating and decided to leave Lord Vishnu.
After the separation from Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi reached Gollapuram for self-punishment. She had the feeling of indignity that she will not return back to Lord Vishnu. Due to the absence of Lakshmi, the world started to sink in the dark. So, to save the world from darkness, Sage Narada met Lakshmi and spoke to her about the events that followed after the Lord’s departure from Vaikuntha to Venkata. Narada asked her that did she really deserve to suffer in the forest leaving the beautiful Vaikuntha. And for how long will she continue her penance in the forests like an ascetic. She said, “My husband, Vishnu did nothing to console me. He could curse Bhrigu Maharishi and save my honor. But he praised him and consoled me. She refused to go back to Vaikuntha and said until Lord himself comes and sets right her indignity she will not go back.

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Once Sage Bhrigu kicked Lord Vishnu on the chest however Lord Vishnu massaged rishi’s foot and asked if his foot was hurt kicking his rigid chest. Laxmi Ji finds this terribly disrespectful and asked Vishnu to penalize Sage Bhrigu however Vishnu praised him and consoled her. She finds this mortifying and sets to depart Lord Vishnu.
After the separation from Lord Vishnu, the goddess reached Gollapuram for penalization. She had a feeling of affront that she's going to not come back to Lord Vishnu. because of the absence of the Hindu deity, the globe began to sink within the dark. So, to save the whole world from darkness, Sage Narada met the Hindu deity and spoke to her, concerning the events that followed once the Lord’s departure from Vaikuntha to Venkata. Narada asked her that did she should suffer within the forest leaving the attractive Vaikuntha. And for the way long can she continue her penance within the forests like an ascetic. She said, “My husband, Vishnu did nothing to console me... He might curse Bhrigu Maharishi and save my honor. however, he praised him and consoled me. She refused to go back to Vaikuntha and said until Lord Vishnu comes s and sets right her indignity she will not return back.

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After being attentive to her, Narada smiled and same, “O Devi, I deeply sympathize with you once hearing your words. Your Lord has no inconvenience. he's living his life well. He has remarried and is happily spending his time along with his consort. Only you're living a pitiful life here.” As before long as the Hindu deity need to comprehend Vishnu’s second wedding, she wept and fell into deeper sorrow as a result of she was expecting that Vishnu can return and take her with him. however contrary to her expectations, the Lord had perceived to have deserted her. She thought that now she won’t be able to meet him. Later she turned to Narada and asked him, “Are you taking part in a joke with me? Or the story you narrated is true?” Sri Narada replied that this is not the time to crack jokes and no matter his speech is true. Goddess then requested Narada to take her to the Venkata hills and both of them went immediately.

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On the way, immortal Lakshmi enquired regarding the new married woman of Vishnu and her ancestry. however, Narada replied, “You are going to meeting her in person, you can ask everything to her. Lord Vishnu ought to answer you initially than the third person”.
As shortly as she reached Venkata hills, she met Vishnu and asked him angrily, “O Lord, is this your affection towards me? while am suffering within the forests, how you even consider marrying another woman? Did you ever come back to the forest wherever I had been playing penance propitiating you? Lord Vishnu asked her to pay attention to him. He convinced Lakshmi to pay attention to his truth and said, “When I was born as an avatar, you were my married woman, Sita in this incarnation. To fulfill my father’s wish, we along with my brother Lakshman went into the forests. At that point, Ravana smartly requested you to return out crossing the path of protection. so as to avoid wasting your life, the Lord of fire, Agni dev, took you within the planet and brought out Vedavathy from beneath.
After fighting with Ravana, we came back to our place. And when I asked agnidev regarding two Sitas, Agni Dev explained to me that it was Vedavathy who was in the captivation of Ravana and Sita was underneath. Agni Dev asked me to accept both, and when I asked you about her you suggested I accept her. As I was already married to you as Sita, I could not marry another woman. So I promised Vedavathy to marry her in the Kalyuga. The girl I married now is Vedavathy who was reborn as Padmavati. Goddess Lakshmi realized that Vishnu was not wrong and became happier than before. Then he spoke to Lakshmi Devi again, “To marry Padmavati I have borrowed from Kubera and I have to clear this debt. Therefore, you have to do a favor for me and enrich the wealth of my devotees in this age of darkness. The Lord asked Lakshmi to abide by his heart. Sri Lakshmi Devi minified her stature and joined Lord Vishnu in his heart.

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