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How to chant Mantras & make the 7 chakras energized with Mantras

My Jyotish Expert Updated 30 May 2021 03:06 PM IST
How to chant Mantras & make  the 7 chakras energized with Mantras
How to chant Mantras & make the 7 chakras energized with Mantras - Photo : Google
The science of mantras is very different. It is like potato gives different taste by mixing it with different vegetables. In the same way, the mantra is the same, but by chanting it with different chakras, pranas and senses of the body, its enjoyment and fruit are different. Now comes the problem that your mind wanders when you sit to do mantras or sit to worship. Your mind is unable to concentrate. Therefore, first of all, the mind should try to conduct the mind in the conscience and to make repeated excursions in the body. Your mind cannot go out of your body. If the mind gets used to being in the body, then it will become very easy for you to chant mantras and do prayer or penance.

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In our body, 5 pranas, 7 chakras and 5 senses are sources of energy. They take the energy from outside and are the source of energy immersion. Mantra chanting increases energy in the body. If energy increases then the body will remain healthy. If the body remains healthy then age will increase. And if you get old, you can benefit people. You can chant mantras with 5 pranas, 5 senses, 7 chakras and one jivya. if you have audio CD of a mantra in your house. You will not get any benefit from it and your mind will always be wandering. First of all, you should practice doing mantras in your conscience. You must do all these exercises for at least 1 month. you should start the long pronunciation of om with the Muladhar Chakra. By doing this your Muladhara Chakra will become energetic. Then you should pronounce om from navel chakra. By doing this, 72,72 10,202 nerves  of your body will become energetic. Then slowly chant om from all the chakras and 5 pranas and 5 senses. By doing this, your body's 17 energy centers will become energetic.

If you also feel hunger and thirst, then these centers of energy will supply you energy at the time of penance. After doing so much practice, you can choose any one mantra to prove you. You should bring that mantra on your triveni chakra i.e. between the two eyes above the nose. Then, every single word of that mantra should be read slowly with both closed eyes and should be pronounced. All your senses and mind will start working on this mantra. In such a situation, if the mind tries to wander, then your mantra will not allow the mind to wander. If you keep doing mantra again and again, your mind and your senses will be in your control. This is just the first stop of your penance. But this practice should be done in isolation. Otherwise your source and pulsing sensory will always mislead you.

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