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If you follow these 10 tips of Lal Kitab then god will be happy with you

My Jyotish expert Updated 16 Oct 2021 09:53 PM IST
Lal kitab
Lal kitab - Photo : Google
The knowledge of Lal Kitab is a mystical knowledge. Apart from the measures in the Lal Kitab, there is also a mention of the code of conduct which can be called principles. Actually, according to Lal Kitab, if you keep your actions right, then you will not need to do any kind of astrology or any kind of worship. This code of conduct is prepared according to the houses of the horoscope. So do you know what the code of conduct of Lal Kitab says?

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1. Do not lie, according to Lal Kitab, the second house of the horoscope is related to the art of speaking and the third house is related to the art of speaking. First what do you have and second what can you do with it? relates to it. If you tell a lie, then the wrong effect automatically goes away in the second and third house i.e. food. It is said that the first is Manasa, the second Vacha and the third Karmana. In the horoscope, the second house is of your in-laws, wealth and family and the third house is also of your deeds and might. Therefore, if you lie, your might will also go away.

 2. Do not give false testimony
To give false witness means that you are also part of their sin. It is not necessary that you have to testify in court itself. Many times it happens that you give false testimony to help someone, like when someone called you and said that if you get a call from my house, then say that I was with you or Ramesh will meet now, then you are against Suresh. To testify that yes I saw that Suresh has conspired against you. Many such things can happen in life. Many give perjury in property and other matters.
3. Don't take abusive words out of your mouth
There are many people, who keep on speaking bitter words all the time, but they also keep abusing them with their mouth. It is said that bitter words and abuses come out of the body only when the mental and physical strength of the person is weak. He does not have the power to think. People who make this type of speech destroy themselves, their home and also the people who come in contact with them. Stay away from such people, as they can poison your life too

4. Don't be unkind
The heart dies due to cruelty or cruelty. There is no mercy in the mind for any living being and innocent creature. There is no difference between a cruel person and a violent animal. The heart of a cruel person is bad and dangerous. If there is an effect of Mars or Saturn in one's ascendant, fifth or ninth, then he is considered cruel instead of Mars and does not understand anything from Saturn.
Mars is the owner of Ascendant and 8th house and Saturn is the owner of 10th and 11th house. Cruelty destroys the peace of the body, the father and the family.

5. Don't Be Atheistic
According to Lal Kitab, one who does not believe in God is an atheist and anti-God. Such a person is confused and contradictory, at the same time he is also a believer in no one. Such a person has to face many kinds of miseries in life or there is only darkness in front of him at the end of life.
According to Lal Kitab, God is supreme and all-seeing and listening. Every person should think that he has not come into this world of his own free will nor will he leave of his own free will. He has been sent here for some work. All this is not given by nature, because he is the one who operates nature also.

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6. Have faith in the gods and goddesses
The deity or deity is the representative of God. Parashaktis, supernatural powers or good spirits are watching your every action. Are you telling the truth or a lie? Are you doing a good deed or a bad deed? The deities and the deities are the ones who see and hear all this. When you go to the temple, standing in front of Kali, Durga, Bhairav, Shiva, Mahakal, Ram, Krishna etc., asking for something or worshiping them, then do not think that all these gods and goddesses are responsible for my good and bad deeds.Every physical and mental movement of yours is considered as goddess and deity

7. Stay Vegan
By the way, if the position of Mars in the horoscope is not right, then meat and fish should not be eaten. It is said that due to bad blood, Mars gets spoiled. Violence, work and peace are destroyed from life due to the badness of Mars. Many other problems arise due to the loss of blood. Bad mangal makes criminals and good mangal commanders, politicians, police officers or better players. It is also said that the kind of meat a person eats, the same kind of character and instincts develop. Children who drink less of mother's milk and more of animals, in their working style, animal-like behavior can be seen. Actually, eating meat and fish changes the nature of a person's body and mind.

8. Do not drink alcohol
The way Mars is spoiled by eating meat, Saturn and Rahu are harmed by drinking alcohol. Rahu is the power of our mind, not the mind. Like there is lightning in a cloud, which is not visible but when it falls on someone, it kills. If it shines, it can blind. Doesn't alcohol rule the mind?
The planet Mercury is the cause of our intelligence, but the knowledge which is born in spite of our intelligence is due to Rahu. For example, suppose that suddenly an idea or idea comes in our mind, then its reason is Rahu. Rahu is our imagination power, so Mercury creates intelligence to make it come true. Rahu moves because of Guru. Rahu being bad means the person will be dishonest or deceitful. There is no condition for the progress of such a person.

9. Do not make relationship with a foreign woman
This job is the worst. This makes Venus bad. This makes Lakshmi angry. Ultimately, wealth, happiness and splendor is destroyed. If you are married and still enjoy with another woman, then it is a sin along with cheating. This rule also applies to a woman who is in a relationship with a foreign man. According to Lal Kitab, this is the worst karma, the result of which the person has to suffer tomorrow if not today. Apart from this, many other rules have been mentioned in the Lal Kitab, such as it is necessary to wear clothes properly.

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