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Importance Of kundali Matching In Marriage

Myjyotish Expert Updated 15 Oct 2020 02:41 PM IST
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India has been preaching the ritual of matching Kundalis to establish a marriage proposal since the ancient times. Kundali matching has become a paramount part of marriage rituals. Under Kundali matching, the horoscope of the prospective couple is matched to see whether they have the compatibility between them, if 18 of the gunas of the couple match they are considered to be a favourable couple, however, if less than 18 gunas match this match is not approved by astrology.

The aim of the procedure is to evaluate whether the compatibility, sexual energy, attitudes and tendencies of both the people match so that they can form a pair and lead a happy and peaceful married life thereafter. This process also evaluates the future financial position and job prospects for a future couple. The ability of the couple to bear offsprings is also predicted through kundali matching.

Since the main purpose of matching the Kundalis is to evaluate the attitudes of the couple towards each other, it helps us to give an insight into their mental well-being and physical attraction towards the other after marriage. Evaluation of whether any of them is under a dasha in their birth charts is also possible through kundali match. Identification of these dashas can help the native in curing them using the prescribed remedies and mantras so that the couple can lead a happy married life.

In certain situations, when the Kundali of the couple does not match or they indicate some doshas in their chart, they can consult an esteemed astrologer who can help the couple in suggesting an upaay or remedy that can cure them of any mishappening and unfavourable circumstances in the future.

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