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Five interesting facts about relationship of Radha and Krishna

My Jyotish Expert Updated 08 Sep 2021 08:14 PM IST
Five interesting facts about relationship of Radha and Krishna
Five interesting facts about relationship of Radha and Krishna - Photo : google

Radha and Krishna’s relationship is regarded as an epitome of true love and respect. Their love affair is the most popular one in Hindu mythology and otherwise. Krishna had too many admirers and devotees. Among them all, Radha was the one who stole Krishna’s heart and was the closest among all the gopis and wives he had. Though their relationship never turned into marriage but still their union is what couples even now worship and aspire for. Their union is believed to be spiritual. Radha and Krishna can never be separated. They are incomplete without the other. It was because their love was above the usual romance that a man and woman share. The love they shared was divine in nature.

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  • Relationship of Lord Krishna and Radha is usually known as that of lovers and not of husband and wife. Although we can find a tale of their marriage in Brahma Vaivarta Purana in which the place of marriage is also mentioned. But still she is known as a lover of Krishna and not the wife. We also don’t find many pictures or idols of Krishna’s wives along with Him. It’s mostly Radha who is found with Krishna’s idol and pictures. This is because Radha’s love was much superior than the love of Krishna’s 16108 wives. Lord Krishna himself mentions this to Rukmani.

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  • There is this tale, that once during a solar eclipse Radha went to Kurukeshtra with Maa Yasodha and Nanada. That time Krishna was already married to Rukmani. Krishna was feeling cold and so he asked Rukmani to get some milk from Radha and as soon as Radha got to know about Krishna’s condition, she drank a glass of hot milk which led to blisters and boils on Krishna’s feet. Rukmani was confused that how is it possible that Radha's action of drinking hot milk can lead to boils on Krishna’s feet, that is when Krishna tells her that because Radha resides in His heart, He gets affected by anything that causes any discomfort to Radha. This is just one incident that tells us about the depth of love Radha and Krishna shared.

  • Many believe that there is also an age gap between Krishna and Radha and that Radha is older than Sri Krishna. During the birth of Krishna, Radha visited Nandgaon along with Her mother Kriti to Nanadrai’s house.That time Radha was hardly eleven months old and was sitting on her mother’s lap whereas Krishna was being swung in the cradle. Many times it is also said that the age gap between Krishna and Radha is five years.
  • According to a myth, Goddess Radha was married to Krishna’s maternal uncle, Ayan. As per this relation, Radha is the maternal aunt of Krishna. So this is why they could never actually marry each other, other than this Radha is also considered the manifestation of Krishna and one can never marry one’s own spirit so their union was not possible in marital terms.
  • Radha is also known as an avatar of Goddess Shakti and is believed to be the most passionate devotee of Krishna, hence the closest to Him. It was Krishna’s flute that mesmerized her to an extent that she would leave everything to listen to Him playing the flute.
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