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Janmashtami 2021:Know the 5 mantras of success from Krishna

My Jyotish Expert Updated 27 Aug 2021 07:06 PM IST
Janmashtami 2021:Know the 5 mantras of success from Krishna
Janmashtami 2021:Know the 5 mantras of success from Krishna - Photo : Google
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Krishna's personality is unique. Till now we have seen them separately. Some Yogeshwar Krishna says some God, some Radha's lover, some Draupadi's friend, Arjuna's guru, some other. Krishna of Surdas is a child, Krishna of Mahabharata is a guru, and Krishna of Bhagwat is different from this. Everyone sees them from their own perspective. Meera considers him dear, people like us consider him as God. Krishna has many forms. Different people worship him in different ways.

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Krishna is a supporter of their whole life.

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They give the inspiration to live happily every moment. Who can give darshan to Maharishi Arvind in jail, can guide Tilak, inspire Vinoba, then he can also show us the way. All you need is to implement it with full dedication and move forward. Believe that success will kiss your feet. Success can be achieved by removing obstacles in life through the knowledge written in the Gita of Shyamvarna Shri Krishna. As a guide for the youth, there is no one greater than Lord and Sakha Shri Krishna.

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Considered the closest to the youth, Shri Krishna is friendly to them as well as an important guru, who leads them to the light of the knowledge of the Gita in times of adversity and crisis and also relieves them from stress. On the holy festival of Janmashtami, we are telling you some of the success mantras told by Shri Krishna in Gita-
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1. Keep far-reaching thinking-
 According to the Bhagwat Gita based on the verses of knowledge spoken by Shri Krishna, instead of making the thinking narrow, we should make it far-reaching and comprehensive.
 For example, when the Pandavas got trapped in the wax lacquer, only a mouse was gifted to them and through only one mouse, the Pandavas saved a life by finding a way out of the lakshagriha. It was the result of far-reaching thinking.

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2. Victory in front of fear-
According to the Gita, if the problem in front of you is becoming formidable and still you are not able to solve it, then do not lose courage and face the problem with contemplation. Instead of being afraid of difficulties, facing them is the biggest power. Once you have overcome fear, then victory is at your feet. Pandavas also won the war with the help of religion.
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 3. Pave on the path of progress-
Shri Krishna always told the Pandavas that instead of retreating, pave the way on the path of progress. For example, if an employee is giving up on good life opportunities because of attachment to the company, it is foolish. Because attachment kills talent. In such a situation, if you see more scope in the change of location, then it is beneficial to change the location.

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4. Become Rishikesh-
Shri Krishna is also called Rishikesh. It is made up of two words Rishak and Ish i.e. lord who controls the senses. A person who worships Shri Krishna is capable of conquering the intellect. According to Gita, it is still possible to control the air, but it is impossible to control the mind. Despite this, one who has control over his mind can easily achieve success everywhere.
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5. Memory, knowledge, and intellect-
In the Gita, Shri Krishna has mentioned through a verse that to be successful in any field, it is necessary to have a healthy memory and intellect. Wisdom means the ability to perceive good things, Gyan means to know all aspects in detail and Smriti means the ability to forget the bad and remember the good. If the youth focus on these three, then seventy percent of the difficulties of life can be got rid of.

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