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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Janmashtami Special: 108 names of Lord Krishna to give glory, fame, good fortune and fame.

Janmashtami Special: 108 names of Lord Krishna to give glory, fame, good fortune and fame.

my jyotish expert Updated 29 Aug 2021 12:10 PM IST
Krishna Janmashtmi 2021
Krishna Janmashtmi 2021 - Photo : Google
Names of Lord Krishna for good fortune, glory, fame, fame, valor, and immense glory on Janmashtami are chanted. 108 names are presented to the readers here.

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Names of Lord Krishna for good fortune, glory, fame, fame, valour and immense glory on Janmashtami are chanted. 108 names are presented to the readers here.

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108 Names of Lord Krishna

1.Achala : God.
2.Achyuta: The Infallible Lord or the One Who Never ForgotYes.
3.Wonderful : Wonderful Lord.
4.Adideva : GodsThe lord of.
5.Aditia: Son of Goddess Aditi.
6.Unborn: Those whose power is infinite and infinite.
7.Ajaya : Winner of Life and Death.
8.Akshara: Indestructible Lord.
9. Nectar : Nectar-like.
10.Anadih: First of all, he is the one who.
11. Anand Sagar : Those who are gracious.
12.Anantha: The Endless God.
13. Anantjeet: Always victorious.
14.Anya: Those who have a master.
15. Anirudha : Which cannot be blocked.
16.Undefeated: Those who cannot be defeated.
17.Avyukta : Manav KiKind of clear.
18. Bal Gopal : The Child Form of Lord Krishna.
19.Sacrifice: Almighty.
20. Quadrilateral : Lord with four sides.
21.Danvendro: The giver of blessings
. 22. Merciful : Storehouse of Compassion.
23.Dayanidhi: Those who have mercy on all.
24.Devadhidev : DevasThe God of.
25. Devkinandan: Devakike Lal (Son).
26.Devesh: God of Gods.
27.Head of Religion: Lord of religion.
28. Dwarkadhish : The Lord of Dwarka.
29.Gopal: Those who play with the gualas.
30.Gopalpriya : GuwalasDear to.
31. Govinda: Lover of cow, nature, land.
32. Dnyaneshwar: Lord of knowledge.
33. Hari: God of nature.
34. Hiranyagarbha: The most powerful creator.
35. Rishikesh: Giver of all senses.
36. Jagadguru: Guru of the universe.
37. Jagdisha: Protector of all.
38. Jagannath: Lord of the universe.
39. Janardhana: One who gives boons to all.
40. Jayantah: The one who defeats all enemies.
41. Jyotiraditya: One who has the radiance of the sun.
42. Kamal Nath: Lord of Goddess Lakshmi.
43. Kamalnayan: One who has eyes like lotus.
44. Kamus
45. Kanjalochan: One who has eyes like lotus.
46. Keshav: The one who has long, black matted locks.
47. Krishna : Dark complexioned.
48. Laxmikanta: The deity of Goddess Lakshmi.
49. Lokadhyaksha: The lord of the three worlds.
50. Madan : Symbol of love.
51. Madhava: The storehouse of knowledge.
52. Madhusudan : The one who kills the honey-demons.
53. Mahendra: Lord of Indra.
54. Manmohan: The one who captivates everyone.
55. Manohar: Lord with very beautiful appearance.
56. Peacock : The one who wears peacock feathers on the crown.
57. Mohan : The one who attracts all.
58. Fife : Lord who plays the flute.
59. Murlidhar : One who wears the murli.
60. Murli Manohar : One who is fascinated by playing the murli.
61. Nandagopal: Son of Nand Baba.
62. NARAYAN: One who takes refuge in everyone.
63. Niranjan: Best.
64. Nirguna : In which there is no demerit.
65. Padmahasta: One who has hands like lotus.
66. Padmanabha: One who has lotus shaped navel.
67. Parabrahman: Absolute Truth.
68. Paramatma: Lord of all beings.
69. Param Purush: One who has an elevated personality.
70. Parthasarathy: Arjuna's charioteer.
71. Prajapati: All beings
72. Virtue: Pure personality.
73. Purushottam: The best man.
74. Ravilochan: One whose eye is the Sun.
75. Sahasrakash: Lord with thousand eyes.
76. Sahasrajit: The conqueror of thousands.
77. Sahasrapat: One who has thousands of feet.
78. Sakshi: Witness of all the gods.
79. Sanatan: Those who never end.
80. Sarvajan: Knowing everything.
81. Sarvpalak : The one who maintains all.
82. Sarveshwar: Higher than all the gods.
83. Words of Truth: Those who tell the truth.
84. Satyavat: The god with the best personality.
85. Shantah: Those with a calm spirit.
86. Shrestha: Great.
87. Srikanth: The lord of wonderful beauty.
88. Shyam: Those who have dark complexion.
89. Shyamsundar: One who looks beautiful even in dark complexion.
90. Sudarshan : Beautiful.
91. Sumedh: Omniscient.
92. Suresham: Lord of all creatures.
93. Swargapati: The king of heaven.
94. Trivikrama: Conqueror of the three worlds.
95. Upendra: Brother of Indra.
96. Vaikunthanatha: The dweller of heaven.
97. Crescent: Having no shape.
98. Vasudeva: The one who is present everywhere.
99. Vishnu: Form of Lord Vishnu.
100. Vishwadakshinah : Skillful and efficient.
100. Vishwadakshinah : Skillful and efficient.
101. Vishwakarma: The creator of the universe.
102. Vishwamurti: The form of the whole universe.
103. Vishwaroopa: One who assumes form for the benefit of the universe.
104. Vishwatma: The soul of the universe.
105. Vrishaparva: Lord of Dharma.
106. Yadvendra: The head of the Yadava dynasty.
107. Yogi: The main guru.
108. Yoginampati: Lord of Yogis.

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