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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Jitiya Vrat is kept for the long life of the , this is the history related to this fast.

Jitiya Vrat is kept for the long life of the , this is the history related to this fast.

My jyotish Expert Updated 01 Oct 2021 12:21 PM IST
Jitiya Vrat is kept for the long life of the , this is the history related to this fast.
Jitiya Vrat is kept for the long life of the , this is the history related to this fast. - Photo : Google

Jitiya Vrat is kept for the long life of the , this is the history related to this fast.

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This fast has special significance in Hinduism. Just as the Nirjala fast of Karva Chauth is kept for the long life of the husband, similarly this fast is kept for the longevity of the children. It is considered a difficult fast in all the fasts of Hindu religion. It is observed every year on the Ashtami day of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month and this date is a Mahavrata lasting from Saptami to Navami, which is mainly celebrated in Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh.

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It is also known by the names Jitiya, Jivitputrika, Jimutvahan, Jiutiya throughout the country. In the year 2021, it will run from 28 September to 30 September. In which with prayers and love all the mothers will pray for the long life and safety of their children. The Muhurta in which women have to observe fast will start from 6.16 pm on Tuesday evening and will last till 8.29 pm on Wednesday night. The first day of this fast is eaten after taking a bath, on the second day there is a Nirjala fast and on the third day Parana is done.It is eaten before sunrise on the day one is bathed and onion made and garlic is not eaten. The importance of this fast is so much that it is believed that the person who listens to the story of this fast does not have to see the pain of separation in life. This fast will be broken on 30 September this year after sunrise till noon. Through this fast, the mother seeks blessings from the Dev Samaj for her child.


What are the religious beliefs associated with this fast?

According to religious beliefs, the story related to this is from the Mahabharata period. Draupadi's brother Drishtadyumna cut off the head of Dronacharya. Ashwatthama wanted to take revenge on the Pandavas, he killed the five sons of Draupadi, mistaking the Pandavas for one night, and Ashwatthama attacked Uttara, who was the wife of Abhimanyu, whose child was the last sign of the Pandavas' lineage. done.

To save the lineage of Pandavas, Lord Krishna brought that son to life through his virtues and named him Jiwa Putra. He later became King Parikshit. It is believed that Lord Krishna protects all the children instead of praying for the hard fast of this day.

At the same time, there is another legend which is related to Jimutvahan. Similarly Gandharvaraj Jimutavahana was one of the Tyagi men. At a young age, he left the kingdom and went to the forest, where one day he found Nagmata, she was crying, then Jimutvahan asked the reason, then he told that Garuda was harassed by him. And today it is the turn of his children, hearing this, Jimutvahan said that he will protect his children, he himself sat in the place of the snake.

When Garuda grabbed it, there was peace instead of noise, due to which Garuda came to know that it was not a serpent. Jimutavahana protected the children of Nagmata.


What is the worship method of fasting

On the day of this fast, women should take bath and wear clean clothes. Clean the place of worship with cow dung and bathe the Sun idol and establish it. Make idols of female eagle and female jackal out of clay and offer vermilion. Listen to the story related to this fast, now pray for the long life of the son, now light a lamp and do aarti and offer it to God. It is believed that Shri Krishna protects your children.

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