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Guru Rashi Parivartan April 2021: Jupiter will change its zodiac on April 5, how will it affect you

Myjyotish Expert Updated 30 Mar 2021 03:28 PM IST
Jupiter Transit
Jupiter Transit - Photo : Myjyotish

Jupiter, which has been traveling with Saturn in Capricorn for the past 13 months, will change its zodiac to Aquarius on April 5, 2021 at 24:22 on Monday. Although Aquarius is also the sign of Saturn, which is the enemy of Jupiter. Therefore, the atmosphere will not change for the country and the world. It will be 13 months and will go on. Jupiter will return to Capricorn on 14 June and return to Capricorn on 20 September and will remain in Capricorn till 20 November, but will travel from 20 November and 13 April 2022 in Kumbh. This amount change will have an effect on different zodiac signs. 

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Aries: Jupiter in the 11th is making the sum of benefits. Individuals doing business or jobs will get the full result of their hard work.

Taurus: The arrival of Jupiter in the tenth house makes Siddhi Yoga. From time to time the gain will be the attainment of prestige and honor. New sources of wealth will be created.

Gemini : Jupiter’s arrival will be very good in luck. Money will continue to benefit, but there will also be an excess of expenditure. There are chances of getting busy with Mars tasks in the house.

Cancer: - The arrival of Jupiter in the eighth house is going to give both auspicious and inauspicious results. Profit will be less. Excess liability can cause mental problems. Avoid anger and use caution in transactions.

Leo: Jupiter’s arrival in the seventh house will be auspicious, but unnecessary anxiety and mental tension will remain. Coming in contact with a friend is the sum of new work. Will discharge family obligations well.

Virgo: Jupiter will gain wealth in the sixth house. But at this time you also have to be careful with your opponents. There is a possibility of Mars work in the family. Take special care of your health as well. There is also the possibility of a short journey.

Libra: Jupiter of Aquarius is going to give happiness to those who are Libra. Sources of income will remain constant. Efficiency will increase. There will be satisfaction from the child side. Contact with political people will increase. The sum of prestige and respect is being created.

Scorpio: Jupiter of Aquarius in the fourth house can cause damage. There will be ideological differences with the family. Although money will continue to benefit, unnecessary expenses will also remain constant. Take care of health and control expenses.

Sagittarius: Transmission of Jupiter in the third place is bringing happiness. Friends and well wishers will continue to benefit. Brothers will be supported. Any pending tasks are expected to be completed.
But control anger. This can cause health harm to you.

Capricorn: For Capricorn people, this year is going to give both auspicious and inauspicious results. There will be auspicious tasks in the family. Vain worries will increase. Mental problems can affect your health. You will get the blessings of senior family members.

Aquarius:The birth of Jupiter for Aquarius people is inauspicious though. But the more luck and hard work you get, the more benefit you will get. Take special care of your health, because Jupiter can give physical disorders in the first house.

Pisces: Jupiter in 12th is not auspicious for Pisces people. Along with unnecessary expenses, false accusations can also be made. That is why avoid debate.
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