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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Jyotish Shastra: Know the impact of Mercury (Budh) on all 12 houses of Horoscope.

Jyotish Shastra: Know the impact of Mercury (Budh) on all 12 houses of Horoscope.

my jyotish expert Updated 26 Aug 2021 09:44 AM IST
Mercury Impact on all zodiac signs
Mercury Impact on all zodiac signs - Photo : Google
Mercury is said to be the crown prince among all the planets. He is the lord of Gemini and Virgo. Pisces is their low and Virgo is said to be high. In the birth chart of any person, it is known as the planet which gives success in the form of education, speech, writing, publication, teaching, banking work, advocacy, chartered accountant, song-music, business, consultant and skilled speaker. Depends on their position in the horoscope.

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Generally, it gives auspicious results in the second, fourth, seventh, ninth, tenth, and eleventh houses of the ascendant. Bhadra Yoga, Budhaditya Yoga, Lakshmi-Vishnu Yoga, skilled speaker yoga, etc. are prominent among the major yogas formed by them or their combination. According to the position of Mercury in the horoscope, astrological analysis is done about the effect of different houses.

First House
The presence of Mercury in this house of the birth chart is considered very inauspicious. When placed in their zodiac, they give intelligence, eloquence, and physical beauty to the person. Such a person attains social position and prestige, the things said by him are listened to very carefully. If Mercury is situated with the Sun and there is also a distance of 10 degrees from each other, then Budhaditya Yoga is formed which takes the person to the peak of success in life, that union is abstract and soft-spoken.

Second House
Mercury sitting in this house of the birth chart makes the native intelligent, efficient orator and able to make his plans come true. Such a person gets lost money. There are also chances of getting sudden money in his life. Sitting in his house gives a person a good reputation in the field of songs and music. Such a person is a believer in the judicial process, helps others, and earns money from his muscle power.

Third House
The native of Mercury sitting in this house of the birth chart earns affection from his brothers. The decisions taken by him and the work done are appreciated. Such people also become victims of conservatism. There is a deep faith in religion and spirituality. They have a good interest in traveling and traveling abroad. Mercury gives favorable results when it is sitting in its house, but also causes mental disorders when it stays in the debilitated sign Pisces.

Fourth House
When placed in this house of the birth chart, Mercury makes a person self-respecting, efficient orator, successful entrepreneur, and hardworking. The native gets the pleasure of a house and vehicle on his muscle power. The number of friends remains small. When living with malefic planets, they induce a person to go towards lust. While achieving success in teaching, writing, reading, and administrative work, they remain popular. Leadership power prevails among them.

Fifth House
Mercury sitting in this house of the birth chart is nothing less than a boon for any person. If these are in his house, then such a person is a singer, musician, and lover of fine arts. Even after being born into a simple family, such people get good respect and prestige in society on the strength of their skillful intelligence. Such people who love others, teach and set a different example in society lead a successful life.

Sixth House
If Mercury is placed in this house in the birth chart of any person, then mixed results are seen decreasing in his life. There are an abundance of secret enemies, the enemies of such people are educated and co-workers. One has to deal with court-court cases during lifetime. It has been seen many times that there are many ups and downs in the career of such people. If Mercury is in Gemini or Virgo, then there is some reduction in these events. The native also enjoys traveling abroad.

Seventh house
Mercury sitting in this house of horoscope gives very auspicious results. Natives get success in the field of business. Married life remains pleasant, but if they are seated here with Saturn, then their results are not good. If Mercury is in its zodiac, then such people get support from the in-laws side and money keeps on coming. Such a person is a long-lived, famous, successful, and efficient administrative officer, due to arrogance, he also loses himself.

Eighth house
The results of Mercury sitting in this house of the horoscope are very mixed, such people have to deal with some health-related problems like skin diseases, allergies, bone and stomach related problems. Mercury sitting in his house also gives good health and social status to the native, not only gets the happiness of a house vehicle, but he also gets the happiness of all material achievements. They are also honored by some or other government organizations.

Ninth House
The result of Mercury sitting in this house of any person's horoscope gives great success. Such a person is an editor of religious texts, a publisher, and a skilled speaker with an interest in religious deeds. Sometimes the pressure of social responsibilities is directly visible on them. If Mercury is placed in your house, then the results are doubled. Such a person earns good fame in life. The country travels abroad and also occupies big positions in foreign companies.

Tenth House
Mercury sitting in this house of the birth chart makes the person very friendly, following the judicial process, efficient administrator, and social worker. Despite being born into a normal family, such a person reaches the highest peak of his life. If they are sitting in their zodiac or have formed a big yoga, then their fame reaches far and wide. Such a person of courageous nature, skilled in taking all kinds of decisions, leads a successful life.

Eleventh House
Mercury sitting in this house of the birth chart makes the native rich in versatility. A person takes up a job or a business to reach the pinnacle of success. Skilled Mathematician, Astrologer, Interested in the judicial process, Earns good reputation in the field of writing and publishing. If Mercury is sitting in your house, then working from a small level becomes a big businessman. There is a long list of fans. Such a person interested in songs and music makes his own identity.

Twelfth House
The results of Mercury sitting in this house of the horoscope are very unpredictable, there is a lot of ups and downs in the life of such a person. Lovers of travel and taking an active part in religious activities, such people get a lot of social prestige. Such people are known to donate to religious trusts, old age homes, and temples. If Mercury is sitting in his house, then such a person works in foreign companies in big positions and also travels abroad on his strength.


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