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Karva Chauth: Know the Vrat Date, Shubh Muhurat, Worship Method and more

My jyotish Updated 13 Oct 2021 08:55 PM IST
Karva Chauth 2021
Karva Chauth 2021 - Photo : Google
Karwa Chauth 2021 Date: According to the Hindi Panchang, the holy fast of Karwa Chauth is observed every year in the month of Kartik on the fourth day of Krishna paksha.

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Married women observe the Karva Chauth fast every year on Kartik Krishna Chaturthi. Karva Chauth 2021 will be observed on Sunday, October 24th, this year. During this fast, the mother-in-law gives sargi to her daughter-in-law. With this sargi, the daughters-in-law begin their fast. This fast begins before sunrise and continues until the moon rises. On this day, Suhagan women break their fast by observing a Nirjala fast after seeing the moon at night. This fast is considered to be particularly beneficial to the husband's longevity, fame, and fortune, as well as an increase in good fortune.
Karva Chauth is very special for married women. According to popular belief, if married women fast on this day, their husbands will live a long and happy life. Women break their fast after the moon rises by offering water to the moon and drinking water from their husbands' hands. The entire Shiva family is worshipped before the moon rises at an auspicious time in the evening on this day.

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Karva Chauth Puja Samagri List

Sandalwood, honey, agarbatti (incense sticks), flower, bindi, red chunri, bangles, raw milk, sweets, gangajal, akshat (rice), vermilion, mehndi, sugar, pure ghee, curd, mahawar, comb, bicchiya (toe ring), an earthen pot and a lid, sugar bhura, turmeric, water. You must decorate the puja plate with all of the above-mentioned puja samagri before performing the puja.

Worship style to be followed-

* Women are needed to get up early in the morning before the sun rises. Eat food in the form of Sargi, drink water, and observe a Nirjala fast by worshipping God.
* On Karva Chauth, women do not take food or drink water for the whole day they open the fast only after seeing the moon.
* For worship, in the evening, in an earthen altar, install all the deities and keep them in it before starting the puja.
* Place incense, lamp, sandalwood, roli, vermilion in a plate and light a ghee lamp.
* Worship should be started an hour before the moon rises. On this day women worship together.
* Listen or recite the Karva Chauth story at the time of worship.
* After seeing the moon through a sieve(channi), one should worship the moon by offering water.
* After seeing the moon, the fast should be broken by drinking water from the hands of their husband.
* On this day, daughters-in-law take their mother-in-law's blessings to be fortunate by giving them sweets, fruits, nuts, money etc. in the plate.

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Mantra to offer Water to the Moon

||Karkam kshirsampoorna toypurnmaypi wa. Husband in Dadami Ratnasamyuktam Chiranjeevatu:
Iti mantra karkanpradyadvijasatme. Suvasinibhyo dadyacha aadyattabhya eva.
And Vratamya Kurute Nari Saubhagya Kamya. Saubhagya son-grandson-labhte sushthiram shriyam||

Karva Chauth: Know the important timings, the story behind and method of fasting
Auspicious time for worship of Karva Chauth 2021-

This year Karva Chauth will start from 03.01 am on Sunday, 24 October, Chaturthi Tithi will end on Monday, 25 October 2021 at 05.43 am. On this day, the auspicious time of Karva Chauth Puja will be from 5.43 minutes to 6.59 minutes on October 24. According to astrological beliefs, Rohini Nakshatra is considered very auspicious and this year an auspicious coincidence is happening because the moon of Karva Chauth will emerge in Rohini Nakshatra.
Karva Chauth Vrat Paran and Chandrodaya Timings -
There may be a change in the timing of moonrise in different cities. On this day the moon can be seen at 08.07 minutes. After that Karva Chauth fast will be broken.
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