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If you keep a money plant like this, it will be definitely profitable

My jyotish expert Updated 03 Oct 2021 05:36 PM IST
money plant tips
money plant tips - Photo : My Jyotish Expert
If you keep a money plant like this, it will be definitely profitable

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Most of the people are fond of keeping money plant in their home and office. This plant not only enhances the beauty of the house, but it is also easily installed. These plants do not require much maintenance, it also gets planted in a glass bottle or pot. According to Vastu, by planting trees and plants in the house, happiness and prosperity remains within the house. Many people want to overcome financial constraints. Money plant is planted, it is believed that the tree keeps blessings. According to Vastu, some things should be kept in mind while planting a money plant, which will remove the Vastu defects and keep the blessings intact. So let's know by following which rules you can make your luck shine with the maintenance of the plant!

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Rules for installing money plant:-

1. Take care of the direction while setting up a money plant! 
Money plant should never be placed in the north-east direction. It is believed that placing money plant in this direction leads to loss instead of profit, and negativity increases in the house. It should always be planted in the southeast direction. By applying it in this direction, one gets the blessings of Lord Ganesha, which brings happiness and prosperity in the house.
2. Do not leave the vines of the money plant on the ground!
Money plant grows very quickly, so take care that the vines of the money plant do not touch the ground. Support its vines by burying wood in the rope or soil so that it keeps growing upwards. According to Vastu, the growing vines of the plant are a symbol of progress. Money plant is considered to be the form of Goddess Lakshmi.

3. Don't let the money plant wither!
According to Vastu, a dried plant is a symbol of bad luck. Its effect is seen on the financial condition of the house. Therefore, keep watering the plant from time to time. If the leaves start drying, cut them and separate them.

4. Do not keep money plant outside the house!
Always keep money plant indoors. This plant does not require much sunlight, it is an indoor plant, so it should be kept away from excessive sunlight. This plant dries quickly in the outside season, due to which it does not grow any more. Not growing the tree is considered inauspicious and causes financial crisis in the house.

5. Don't give money plant to others
According to Vastu Shastra, never give your money plant to others. By doing this, Shukra Dev gets angry. It is believed that Venus brings happiness and prosperity. And if they get angry then the house goes away.

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Rules for planting a new plant:-
• Plant a new plant on Wednesday in Revati Nakshatra.
• And in the initial days, add a few drops of milk along with water. Due to this the plant will also be strong and the tree will also remain intact.
• Do not plant money plant in the same pot with any other plant.
• Don't put too much water in it or else it starts melting very soon.
Benefits of keeping money plant at home:-
• Increases prosperity in the house.
• The green color of its leaves increases happiness in the family.
• It removes negativity.
• Health related problems also slowly removes.
Along with this, there are some scientific benefits of this plant as well: -
• This plant absorbs pollution.
• Works like an oxygen filter.
• Keeping it near the TV or WiFi router also reduces the damage caused by radiation.

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