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Keep these things with you on Saturday to make Shani Dev happy.

MyJyotish expert Updated 23 Apr 2021 12:47 PM IST
Shani Dev
Shani Dev - Photo : GOOGLE
Shani Dev will be happy by keeping these things on Saturday
Keeping these things with you on Saturday, Shani Dev will be happy:

In Hinduism, Saturday is known a day of Lord Shani Dev. Shanidev is the Lord of Karma. It is believed that according to their deeds he gives human good or bad fruits. While he punishes dishonest people, at the same time he always maintains his grace and blessings on honest and hardworking people. Lord Shani is considered as the son of Sun God and Chhaya. In astrology, it is said that the sight of Saturn has special significance, to avoid this people try many remedies.

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Though making Shani Dev happy is very difficult, but if you keep these things with you on Saturday, then the Lord (God of justice) becomes happy. In order to make Shani Dev happy, keeping fast on Saturday, donating things and offering mustard oil are believed to be beneficial.
If on Saturday, you are going somewhere take these things with you. This will make Shani Dev happy. These are:
Blue or Black coloured cloth:
In astrology, it is believed that blue and black colours please Shani Dev. In that situation, if you are going somewhere, then taking blue flowers or purses in your pocket or wearing black clothes on Saturday, will make the Lord happy and all the work of your will be done.
Urad Dal: 
On Saturday, donating Urad Dal is considered beneficial. But on this day, if you are going somewhere then keeping some grains of urad dal in your pocket, ends sadness and poverty.
Sesame (Til):
 On Saturday, sesame seeds (Til) along with Urad Dal will be donated. In such a situation, if you are going somewhere, keeping some sesame seeds with you, will help you to get benefit.
Other than this, on Saturday keeping fast will make Shani Dev happy. According to astrologers, this will make the planet Saturn strong in your horoscope and a person should avoid any kind of vengeful things on the day of fast.
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