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Story of King Parikshit, Astrology and Ayurveda

Chander shekhar shastri Updated 06 Jun 2021 10:16 AM IST
Story of King Parikshit
Story of King Parikshit - Photo : Google
According to a story of King Parikshit in astrology and ayurvedic book, The Shrimad devi bhagvat Mahapuran, when Maharishi Kashyap got an insight that the reason of King Parikshit's death will be a serpent's bite, he being a prestigious toxicologist of that time, thought of using his knowledge to save the king's life. Maharishi immediately departed towards the palace. In the mid way, he met a serpent named Takshak who was determined to kill king Parikshit with his poisonous bite. Takshak disguised himself as a Brahmin and asked Kashyap, ‘’Lord, where are you heading to?’’ Kashyap replied,’’ I came to know about a serpent named Takshak whose poisonous bite will be the reason of King Parikshit's death. With the help of my knowledge and experience, I’ll make the king's body poison free due to which money and fame will be gained.’’

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Listening this, Takshak transformed back to his normal self and said, ‘’ I am going to use my poison in this huge and leafy tree. Oh Maharishi! You show me the power of your knowledge and experience.’’ The tree turned dry and lifeless due to Takshak’s poison. Maharishi Kashyap used his methodology and turned the tree back to it’s previous state, huge and lushly green. Seeing this, Takshak got disappointed. He then acknowledged Maharishi that he will only be successful if the king is destined to live more, if not then his methodology won’t work. Kashyap immediately used hi knowledge and counted the king's lifespan. He realised that the king has very few hours to live and hence Kashyap returned to his place. Takshak's poison is called ‘Takshin’ in Sanskrit. The word ‘Toxin’ used in the modern day has been derived from the word ‘Takshin’. The ancient Puranas hold many such stories through which we can conclude that Astrology (Jyotish Shastra) was used to treat and prepare remedies for diseases of ancient times.

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