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Know 10 rules of brooms and their impact on our lives

My Jyotish Expert Updated 24 Sep 2021 01:49 PM IST
Rules and impact of broom
Rules and impact of broom - Photo : google
Many omens, bad omens, beliefs, and traditions have been told in our mythological texts. We must have also heard the elders of our house saying that don't do this work, don't do this..., don't let the tap drip, don't touch the broom, respect it, etc.

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But we listen to them and ignore them, they are backward and don't know what to understand, but do you know that these things tell us the way of happiness-prosperity, wealth-wealth, good luck-unfortunate in our life is.

Let's know the tricks of the broom:- 
  • It is said in mythological texts that sweeping the house after dark is inauspicious.
  • The person who sees himself standing with a new broom in a dream, then it is a symbol of good luck. 
  • It is considered inauspicious to keep an inverted broom in the house at any time.
  • It is also inauspicious to sweep the broom as soon as any member of the family goes out. If he has gone on a journey to a distant place, then he may have the possibility of suffering death-like suffering. Therefore, after 1 or 2 hours after their departure, broom-wiping should be done. 
  • It is considered a bad omen to step on a broom, it means to stumble the Lakshmi of the house. 
  • If we respect the broom, then it is a sign of Mahalakshmi's happiness. 
  • If a small child suddenly starts sweeping the house, then there are chances of
  • It is always worth keeping in mind that broom should never be kept outside the house or on the roof. It is considered inauspicious to do so. It is said that by doing so, there is a fear of theft happening in the house. 
  • The broom should always be kept hidden. It should be kept in such a place from where the broom is not visible to us, any members of the house, or outside. 

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