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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Pitru Paksha 2021: Know what ancestral blame is, what is the remedy for liberation from this

Pitru Paksha 2021: Know what ancestral blame is, what is the remedy for liberation from this

My jyotish expert Updated 06 Oct 2021 03:52 PM IST
know about ancestral blame and the remedy for this
know about ancestral blame and the remedy for this - Photo : google

Are the difficulties in your life not taking the name of diminishing? You are surrounded by new difficulties. Do you know why this is not happening? This can be a defect. All the difficulties in your life have come together.  If you are unable to get rid of it even if you want, then you may have a blame on the character, for this you should consult astrology and get rid of this side of the pitra defect from astrology about its measures.  Should talk and take measures to get rid of it completely.

According to Hinduism, in the Assyrian Krishna side, ancestors come to the earth folk and part of their share must be taken in some form or the other. All the ancestors come to the door of their descendants at this time and receive their share of food in a subtle form. In food which Is also fed, He is reached by the ancestors.

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Dan and karma, to be done for the peace and salvation of his heavenly ancestors, is called Shraddha. Who gave us life. Thus the yajna to be performed for three generations, Pindadan and Tarpan are called Shraddh Karma. In the days of Shraddha, charity is done and food is provided to Brahmins. It is said that by doing this, ancestors are happy and Aup blesses you with happiness. This time Pitradaksa started from 20 September Which will be till 6 October.

In such a situation, some measures that remove the resentment of fathers and apologize to them can be found to be free from the effects of paternal defect. Know why it seems to be a fatherly defect and what is the way to get rid of it.

If you want to be blessed by the celestial body Sun, then do these measures

Pitru Dosh

When Surya and Rahu are getting yuti on Navam, it is believed that Pitru Dosh is becoming yoga. According to scripture, whatever the Sun and Rahu sit in, All the fruits of that feeling are destroyed. There is a  ⁇  defect in the person's clan which has the ability to give all these sorrows together, This defect is known as Pitru Dosh. Pitridosh has been considered the biggest and dangerous flaw in astrology. In the horrors, great troubles start in the life of the person. There are huge fluctuations in life. In whose horoscope it He is to blame and has to face many types of mental stress and does not succeed in any work.

Get blessings from ancestors. Book pooja for Pitra Dosha.

Remove enemies from your life, Get Maa Baglamukhi blessings.

Pitridosh also hinders the progress of the person and stress starts coming in the right life.Pitridosh liberation measures

1. If there is a paternal defect in the horoscope, then Jatak should take a photo of his late family on the south side wall of the house and praise his worship daily by giving it a necklace. Getting blessings from them gives freedom from Pitradosh

2. On the nirvana date of your late relatives, feed the needy Athwa Guni Brahmins. Make at least one choice of the soul in food

3. On this day, if possible, donating clothes and food etc. to the poor in their own power also removes this flaw

4. Offer water, flowers, intact, milk, gangazal, black sesame in the afternoon on the tree of the people and remember the heavenly family and ask for blessings from them

5. Burn the lamp in the evening and recite the Nag Stotra, Mahamathanjaya Mantra or Rudra Sukta or Pitru Stotra and Navagrha Stotra. Even this there is peace of ancestral blame

6. Bathing in the morning on Monday morning and go barefoot to Shiva temple and worship Shivji with 21 flowers of Aka, raw lassi, bilvapatra. Doing 21 Mondays reduces the effect of Pitradosh

7. Worshiping the favored deity and total deity every day also reduces ancestral blame.

8. Being paternal in the horoscope also benefits a poor girl from marriage or helping her illness

9. The Brahmins get rid of the paternal defect by symbolic godan, well to drink water in summer or by drinking cold water to passers-by

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