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Dreams Which Predicts Death

My Jyotish Expert Updated 29 Jun 2021 05:31 PM IST
Dreams Which Predicts Death
Dreams Which Predicts Death - Photo : google
Seeing these things in a dream is a sign of death
Many people believe that bad dreams are a sign of the death of oneself or a close relative. Some such dreams are terrifying to such an extent that the dreamer gets scared even in sleep. It is very scary to see death in a dream. Therefore, since ancient times it is believed that most dreams should not be ignored. It can also be a sign of some thing or event. However, why dreams happen, what is the reason behind it, it remains a mystery even today. Science has not given any specific confirmation about dreams.

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The symptoms of death are of two types, far and near. There are three types of distant signals. Physical signs, mental signs and dream signals. Distant signs include frequent dreaming. In this, a person sees that he is falling from a high mountain or a person is naked or someone is traveling in the desert. Let us have a look at some such dreams which indicate the warning of death.
Seeing a black shadow in a dream - The appearance of a black shadow in a dream is a symbol of the unknown, the unconscious, danger, mystery, darkness, death, mourning, rejection, hatred or malice. It is also a sign of lack of love and lack of support. Positively, black represents potential and possibilities. It is said that seeing a black shadow in a dream is not auspicious.

Seeing snake in dream- According to scriptures, seeing snake in dream is considered inauspicious. It has been widely interpreted in various cultures regarding snakes in dreams. The scriptures believe that seeing a snake in a dream can indicate an upcoming problem.
Seeing a black cat in a dream - For centuries, black cats are believed to be associated with magic, witches and mystical things. Seeing black cats in a dream is considered a symbol of insecurity. These are unfortunately also linked. Seeing a black cat in a dream can indicate something bad to happen in the future.
Teeth falling in dream- According to the dream science, seeing teeth falling in a dream is considered inauspicious. This indicates that in reality someone close to you is about to die. However, a toothache while sleeping can also be a sign of nightmares.

Seeing a crow in a dream - Seeing a crow in a dream is not a good sign. If a person sees a crow in a dream, it indicates something untoward.
Saving a drowning person in a dream- It is considered inauspicious to see a drowning person being saved in a dream. It indicates some bad event to happen in the future.
Seeing Traveling in Dream- If you see yourself traveling or preparing for the journey in your dream. In such a situation, you should avoid traveling in the near future. Psychologists say that such a dream indicates death.
Singing or dancing in a dream- If a person sees himself singing or dancing in a dream, then it indicates death. Apart from this, it is believed that if a person sees a person riding a donkey, it is also a sign of death.

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