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know about nakshtra which is made for shopping

My Jyotish Expert Updated 28 Oct 2021 07:06 PM IST
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On October 28, just before Diwali, Guru Pushya Nakshatra is being made for shopping, from jewelry to investing in bikes is auspicious.

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Festivals play great importance in Hinduism. Now as they all have begun to take place one after the other, people are very excited about Diwali after celebrating  Navratri and Dussehra. Lots of excitement is seen in the market during Diwali. Because during this time people shop with their whole heart. According to a report by digital marketing firm "InMobi," an Indian spends an average of 21 thousand rupees on shopping during this festival season. In such a situation, yog is being formed before Diwali, in which shopping is considered very auspicious. This year Diwali will take place on 4th November, before that Pushya Nakshatra will take place on 28th October. This Nakshatra is also called the Mahamuhurta of buying and investing. However, the specialty about it is this year the planetary direction in which this yog is being formed will take place after about 677 years. According to astrologers, the day will be Guru-Pushya Nakshatra since October 28 falls on Thursday. Apart from this, Sarvartha Siddhi Yog and Amrit Siddhi Yog are also being formed on this day.

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Invest in these things in Guru-Pushya Nakshatra: By the way, anything can be bought in Guru Pushya Nakshatra. But buying gold items and vehicles in this nakshatra gives auspicious results. The planet Jupiter is the factor of yellow objects, whereas the planet Saturn is the factor of iron. Buying these things on this day will result in long-term benefits.

Apart from this, if you want, you can also invest in property, etc. Booking a house, plot, flat, or shop on this day is considered auspicious. If you want, you can also buy utensils, makeup items, jewelry, and stationery items.
This yog was formed 677 years ago: Let us tell you that earlier this yog was formed on 5 November 1344. During this, Guru-Saturn had formed Guru Pushya Yog while living in Capricorn.

Sarvartha Siddhi Yog and Amrit Siddhi Yog: Along with Guru-Pushya Yoga, Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga and Amrit Siddhi Yog are also being formed on October 28. Any work done in this yog never fails, all of them get complete and the one who does the work attains success. While Amrit Siddhi Yoga will start from 9.42 am on October 28, Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga will remain for the whole day.

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