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Know about the Kurma Jayanti 2021: its’ Significance, Tithi & Rituals

My Jyotish Expert Updated 26 May 2021 01:35 PM IST
Kurma Jayanti - 2021
Kurma Jayanti - 2021 - Photo : Google
Kurma Jayanti is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Vishnu in his incarnated form of a tortoise. Kurma means tortoise in Sanskrit,  according to the Hindu scriptures, it is said that Lord Vishnu appeared in the avatar of a tortoise to lift the Mandarachal mountain during the Samudra Manthan. Since then this day is celebrated as “ kurma Jayanti”.In the Hindu calendar, Kurma Jayanti falls in the Vaisakh month during the Shukla Paksha on the Purnima. 

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Significance of kurma Jayanti 
Kurma Jayanti is considered as one of the most auspicious and special festivals, It is also believed that without Lord Vishnu's support  Ksheersagara would not have been completed it is completed when Lord Vishnu took the form of Kurma & lifted the gigantic Mandaranchal Parvat on His back during the 'Ksheera Sagara Manthan'. Thus, this day has great religious significance. This day is also considered the most important and auspicious day for any kind of construction work.
Kurma Jayanti: date & shubh Muhurat 
Kurma Jayanti is falling on Wednesday, May 26, 2021.
Kurma Jayanti Muhurat is from 16:26 to 16:43. (Duration: 00 hours 17 mins)
Kurma Jayanti: purnima tithi
Purnima tithi begins at 20:29 on May 25, 2021 and ends at 16:43 on May 26, 2021.
Rituals to be performed
 on this day take bath early in the morning before sunrise, then wear clean clothes. Then worship lord Vishnu & offer Chandan, tulsi leaves, kumkum, incense sticks, flowers, and sweets to the lord. devotees should also keep fast as it is very much significant. devotees who keep fast should not consume pulses or cereals and are should only consume milk products and fruits. Also, the devotees who keep fast should not sleep at night, they should recite mantras throughout the night to please Lord Vishnu. at last, devotees should perform aarti and distribute the prasad among the family member and friends. Reciting 'Vishnu sahastranaam' is considered very auspicious & significant for the fast keepers. After all the rituals one should donate food, clothes, and money to the Brahmins.

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