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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Know all about 16 Makeup Products (16 Shringaar) Indian women carry for auspicious works

Know all about 16 Makeup Products (16 Shringaar) Indian women carry for auspicious works

MyJotish Expert Updated 12 Aug 2021 06:25 PM IST
16 SHRINGAR - Photo : MyJotish Expert
List of 16 women's makeup
Women often do 16 makeup on any festival, marriage, auspicious work, auspicious occasions. On Karva Chauth Hariyali Teej, women also decorate and decorate. This makeup is done for good luck. Women use various types of cosmetics for grooming. Come let's know what is done in 16 makeup.

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1. Bindi: It is considered sacred by married women to put a bindi of Kumkum on the forehead. It increases the force of the Guru.

2. Sindoor: Demand is filled with vermilion. It is believed that this increases the life of the husband.

3. Kajal: Mascara enhances the beauty of the eyes and also removes Mangal Dosh.
4. Mehndi: Mehndi enhances the beauty of hands. Applying Mehndi is auspicious. It is said that it gives love to the husband.

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5. Bangles: Bangles are a symbol of a honeymoon. The red color symbolizes happiness and the green color symbolizes prosperity.

6. Mangal Sutra: Mangal Sutra is also considered a symbol of a honeymoon. Its black pearls protect from the evil eye. Apart from this, the Naulakha necklace or say that Swarnamala is also worn around the neck.

7. Nath: It is also called Nathni. It is necessary to wear silver wire or clove in the nose. Where beauty increases with this, the defect of Mercury is also removed.

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8. Gajra: It is also called Veni or Chuda Mani. It is applied to the hair for beauty and fragrance.

9. Maang Tika: It is worn in the center of the forehead. It symbolizes living a life of decency and simplicity after marriage.

10. Earrings: It is also called Kundal and Bali. By wearing gold earrings or earrings, the defects of Rahu and Ketu are removed. It is also a symbol of abstaining from listening and speaking evil of the in-laws.

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11. Armlet: It is a beautiful small bracelet-shaped piece of jewelry made of gold or silver, which is worn on the arm. This protects the wealth and prosperity of the family.

12. Waistband: It is also called strong. It is worn at the waist. It is a symbol of the fact that you are the mistress of your house, honey. It also keeps the saree handy.

13. Nettle: It is also called nettle. It is worn on the toes. It removes the defects of Sun and Shani and it is also a symbol that the married woman will now face every problem with courage.
14. Payal: It is also called Pajero. Both anklets and beech wear silver.

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15. Ring: Before marriage, it is worn by the husband during matchmaking.

16. Bath: The first step of makeup is a bath. Before doing any other makeup, take a bath regularly. Shikakai, Bhringraj, Amla, Ubtan, and many other ingredients are mixed in the bath. Then put on clothes. If she is a bride, she wears a red lehenga, in which green and yellow colors are also used.

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Apart from this, nowadays nail paints and lipsticks have also become a trend. However, in mythological times, there were 16 other types of makeup, which included the coloring of nails and nails, tambool, etc.
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