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Know all about Black Magic and its horrifying symptoms

My Jyotish Expert Updated 02 Aug 2021 01:25 PM IST
Black Magic
Black Magic - Photo : Google
A man suffering from black magic remains silent and does not come under anyone's control. He does things that are at risk of death. That person doesn't care about his life-

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Black magic and its influence have always been discussed in society. There are also a variety of discussions about its effects. It is a very ancient science. It is being used by tantric and aphorism. Special puja is performed during this action. The action and legislation of this puja are often secret. It is still a secret today. In this, evil spirits are called by the tantric, they are subdued by the tantric and they harass the people through those evil spirits. For this, they need something from the person like his hair, clothes, etc. By targeting them, the souls start harassing the person after the practice.

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Black Magic Effects and Symptoms: Whenever black magic is done on a person, negative energies come into him. These powers are sent by tantric through black magic. The following symptoms can be seen in a person suffering from black magic:

* Its effect leads to decay of the inner body of the person and the person. The effect is very frightening. This causes a sudden change in the nature of the person and his health. He starts getting sick and gets irritable.

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1.The victim's nails start to turn black and continue to grow.
2.The effect of black magic is seen in person as well as at home. The trees in the house begin to dry up, especially the tulsi plant that is most cared for in the house, and it dries up and ends.
3. A man suffering from black magic remains silent. And it does not come under anyone's control. He does things that are at risk of death. That person does not care about his life.
4. A person suffering from black magic suddenly has a headache and calms down, it continues to happen.
5. A person suffering from black magic hurts the whole body, that too without reason and it happens again and again.
6.If you suffer from black magic, you will always have pain in your back, neck, kidneys, etc. You will feel your whole body burning, like a fire.
7.Your back and kidneys are aching. Even if you are urinating, again and again, your eyes are burning, you are still in the grip of it.
8.If you suffer from black magic, your heart will beat fast. You will have trouble breathing. Sometimes chest pain will also cause nervousness.
9. A sharp heartbeat and the feeling that you are having difficulty breathing can also make you nervous. Constant pain in your chest can also be a symptom.
10. A person suffering from black magic will become weak, such as anemia. The face will turn yellow and the hands and feet will become weak. There will be frequent hunger, quick digestion of food, but the body will become weak.
11. There will be no happiness in the life of the victim, the experience of happiness will end. You will become pessimistic, you will feel lonely with everything happening
12.No medicine will benefit from the treatment of the victim, the treatment will fail and the disease will not be detected. A person will constantly feel anxious, desire suicide, and think of moving away from home.
13. A person suffering from black magic will never work. Even after much hard work, the fruit will not be obtained. Enemies will prevail, everything will be hampered, home tribulation and unrest will remain in the house. The desire to live will be lost, no goal will be fulfilled. If you know that you are suffering from black magic, you should spray cow urine all over your house, because it is written in the Scriptures that cow urine is sacred and thirty-three crore deities reside in the cow.

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