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Know all about the Yogas formed in your Horoscope Updated 16 Jul 2021 11:31 AM IST
Imprisonment yoga
Imprisonment yoga - Photo : Google
Imprisonment yoga by your horoscope
The eighth matantar of horoscope from the twelfth house is considered for imprisonment and punishment. If Rahu is with the eighth house in this house of the horoscope, then due to its inauspicious effect, the person has to go to jail for some major crime. Saturn, Mars, and Rahu are mainly these three planets and their mutual relationship is the factor of jail. Saturn and 12th house is the factor of punishment. Rahu is in the sixth house and Mars is the cause of crime. If Mars and Rahu sit together in any house in a person's horoscope, then Jail Yoga is formed, Ketu is the planet behind rope, fetters, handcuffs. If there is a visual relationship between Mars and Rahu, then due to Angarak Yoga, such a person becomes violent and commits a crime that leads to jail.

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Shani, Mars, and Rahu mainly also make the sum of traveling to jail and their combination or vision creates such situations that after all, a person has to go to jail. The yoga of going to jail can also be recognized from the twelfth house of the horoscope. According to astrology, if Rahu and Saturn are in the twelfth house of a person's birth chart with Scorpio or the eighth house in the twelfth house of the horoscope, then after losing in court cases, one has to go to jail.
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If Mars and Saturn are looking at each other in the horoscope, then the person will have to go to jail due to a fight. According to the native's element, if there is a Scorpio ascendant and there are inauspicious planets in the second, twelfth, fifth, and ninth house, then the person remains locked in lockup. If Aries is a Gemini Virgo or Libra ascendant and there are inauspicious houses in the fifth and ninth house from the second twelfth house, then the person wears handcuffs. But if Cancer is a Capricorn or Pisces ascendant and there are inauspicious planets in the 2nd and twelfth houses from the ascendant, then the person has to keep his eyes closed in the royal house and if any auspicious planet from the 5th and 9th house sees the Ascendant, then he will not be fettered. . If Ascendant and 6th lord are conjoined with Saturn and are situated in the center or triangle, then the person is punished with imprisonment. According to Uttarkal Amrit, the sense of prison is felt from the twelfth house.
Along with the twelfth house, also discuss the fifth, ninth, and eighth houses, specific necessary for the journey, many times innocent people have to go to jail, due to which honor, respect, and time is destroyed and jail yoga is being created by planets. If yes, then it indicates that the person has not committed any crime or is facing punishment without any crime, but if this yoga is being created from planets, then it means that the person must have committed a crime if Bandhan Yoga also includes planets or if there is a sight of planets on it, which the person should be released from jail.

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Some other yoga for prison
If there is a malefic planet in the second and 12th steam or if there is a sinful sight on them or there is a sinful effect on their house, then there will be lock-up, fine and fine.
 If the ascendant is Gemini, Virgo, Libra, or Aquarius, then handcuffed ropes should be put on, if the ascendant Cancer is Capricorn or Pisces,     then Scorpio is locked in jail or fort, then fine or detained, the bond does not apply to Leo.
If there is Sun or Mars in the 4th house and Saturn in the 10th house then there is bondage.
If the Ascendant is in conjunction with the sixth house and is in the center or triangle and Rahu is also visible or visible to Ketu, then there will be a bond in the Dasha of Rahu and Ketu.
If the Ascendant is in conjunction with the sixth house, it is in the ninth house.
Sun is Venus or Saturn in the ninth house. In the twelfth house, there is a malefic planet in the sign of sin or see the 12th house or the lord of the navamsa zodiac of the twelfth is a sin planet and the Sun is debilitated, low in the navmesh.

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