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Know all the important details related to Navratri.

My jyotish expert Updated 07 Oct 2021 06:48 PM IST
Navratri- Ma durga
Navratri- Ma durga - Photo : Google
The establishment of Navratri Ma Durga is celebrated atu. Navratri in Hinduism and Navratri in Bengali religion runs 9 days and is established and abolished on the first day. Navratri starts immediately after Pitradaksa every year. Mother Durga everywhere during Navratri Is established and the devotion of Mother Queen begins to resonate from place to place. Mother Durga is considered a symbol of power and energy. Mother Durga's power and energy are worshiped only 3 days after the beginning. After this, give peace in life for 3 days The mother Lakshmi is worshiped. During the worship of Mata Lakshmi, devotees pray for worship day and night to overcome the problems faced in their lives and pray for the economic problem not seen. After this, Saraswati on the seventh day Goddess who is the goddess of art and knowledge,They are worshiped and the day is dedicated to them. Devotional mother begs Saraswati enough to get knowledge and get her blessings. Mahagauri ji is worshiped on the eighth day and the last day i.e. Navami worships the mother Siddhidatri Devi Is done. For 9 days, Bhakti Tan Mana worships with money and gets absorbed in devotion

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Avoid eating these food items while observing Navratri fast

It is considered auspicious to recite Durga Saptashti for 9 days on the festival of Navratri. Where does it go that Mother Rani is very happy to recite Durga Saptashti and her blessings remain on the whole family. If there is a huge crisis on your family If there is a possibility of coming, then chanting it ends the fear crisis. It should be read regularly. If you cannot recite Durga Saptashti regularly, then do chant some special mantras present in Durga Saptashti so that your life The troubles going on in the whole end. These mantras give the difficult problems going on in your life and the change of bad news coming in life in good news
• If someone in your family is ill for a long time, then you have any health problems, then you should chant this mantra for 9 days, 2 garlands per day and 9 days regularly.
• Roganshasanpansi Tushta, Ruishta Tu Kaman Sakalanbhishta,
Tvamashritanaan Na Vipanranan, Tvamashrita Hyashratan Pranti
• It is seen in our life that we keep working hard continuously, the fruit of hard work remains beyond our hopes. If you do not get to see the fruits of hard work in your life, then you should chant these mantras continuously for 9 days needed. Bad times in our lives are seen enough if our fate is not converting to good luck. Let the chanting of these mantras be continuous.
Dehi Bhagayamrogyan Dehi Me Param Sukham, .
Roop dehi jayun dehi yasho dehi biushoji
• If bad times in your life are going on continuously and you feel insecure then this miraculous mantra of Mother Durga Mother will be with you as a defense shield in your life and will end the bad times going on in your life. Chant of this mantra You should be continuous for 9 days so that your enemies in your life give up in front of you
Sarvasyartihare Devi Narayani Namostute
• Mother Durga is considered the most powerful, so all the devotees struggle with huge problems and come to the shelter of Mother Durga. If a person is very upset with the epidemic and has no solution. If a person wants to get rid of the epidemic perfection Or if someone in his family is suffering from an epidemic, then he should chant these mantras daily for 9 daysOm Jayanti Mangala Kali Bhadrakali Kapalini,
Durga Pardon Shiva Dhatri Swaha Namostute

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