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Know as per astrology, people of which zodiac signs are addicted to Social media

my jyotish expert Updated 13 Aug 2021 03:33 PM IST
Zodiac Signs
Zodiac Signs - Photo : Zodiac Signs
Some people believe that social media is a curse because everyone is constantly on their phones, and people no longer interact. But others think that social media is a boon as we are now updated with everything in real-time. 

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Social media is not bad, but not knowing where to draw the line is also not good and if you are someone who constantly checks social media apps, then you are one of those zodiac signs. 

Gemini people are social in real life and they have a habit of checking all their social media accounts as soon as they wake up in the morning. They like to give their opinion on social media and talk about the things that they are passionate about.

Scorpio people like to know what is going on in someone else's life, but when it comes to their life, they are secretive. Their social media won't tell you much, but they'll know almost everything about you.

Leo people are great at sharing perfect selfies, magical moments with their significant other, delicious food, pictures, shopping pleasures, and travels and naturally, they have tons of followers.

Libras are first on social media. They are great at stalking. Libra people will have all their social media pages and sites active and open. They like to keep an eye on their former life and compare how their present life is better than their earlier life.

Sagittarius people are casual social media users—all of their posts are carefully curated to put them in the best possible light. They share a lot and posting on social media is like a job for Sagittarius people and as they are constantly on it, they get used to it.

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