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Know "Conception"(Garbhadan), The first sacrament (Sanskar) out of 16 sacraments and its Importance

MyJyotish expert Updated 24 Apr 2021 04:25 PM IST
16 Sacraments
16 Sacraments - Photo : GOOGLE
Spiritual secret of the conception rite. This ritual is necessary to give birth to great children.

Today's young generation and atheists reject these spiritual principles. The main reason for this is their ignorance - They do not want to know what spirituality is? And how can one be elevated from spirituality? 

Need an expert's advise ?


The conception status and time are first seen in the conception rite. If according to astrology, the movement of planets in the universe is favorable. And if the planets are traveling in their own zodiac or higher position, then the time is favorable. 

For example, if the farmer prepares his field by ploughing and harvesting the crop and sowing the crop at the right time only then it is a good crop. If the crop is not sown at the right time and the field is not prepared well then the crop either does not grow or its variety does not grow well. 

Likewise, proper time, Muhurta and proper dates are required for conceiving. Otherwise, the future and development of the child is not advanced. Conceiving should be free from stress and keeping the mind and soul in a happy state. The happier posture of the mind is, the more advanced sperm and egg will be combined. One and a half hours before the reaction, that is, one hour before the reaction one should meditate and even after the reaction one should meditate for 1 hour. 

Children born in pregnancy under stress, in anger, in fear, in stealth and in a fearful state always go through these situations. Scientists also take care of the compatibility of time. When the Chandrayaan or Mangalyaan is released, the transiting position of the planets is taken into consideration. If in transit there is a situation of Amavasya, Purnima, Bhadratithi, Paksarandhra Tithi, Eclipse defect of Chandra Rahu, Venus defect of Chandrashani, Low Moon, Low Sun and Low position of Guru then in this case no pregnancy or sexual intercourse or surrogacy pregnancies, IVF should not be done. 
Therefore the sages said that the conception rite is the foundation of human life.
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