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Know How did the human life started after the creation of this universe

My Jyotish Expert Updated 30 May 2021 01:57 PM IST
Know How did the human life started after the creation of this universe
Know How did the human life started after the creation of this universe - Photo : Google

When universe started, how did a human born in 84 million yonis? This is a question that was not answered by any sage. And if it was, that too was different. And modern science also has different answers. And even today, every religions also has different answers. But No one knows this science of Brahma. A section of science says that we originated from monkeys. Which is a blank imagination. If this idea of science was true, then there would have been a sense of knowledge in monkey's. Therefore, man was born only as a human being.

Whereas in the order of structure of humans there is a mixture of 8.4 million yonis. The second section of science says that we have prepared the clones of humans. We can make millions of humans, millions of monkeys, millions of sheep goats alike. Those who look alike will have the same nature and will die simultaneously. And this statement of scientists is also true. They have made clones of humans as well as animals. But doing so will spoil the order of creation. Therefore, it has been banned.

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Lord Krishna was also a great yogi and scientist. he  used to make thousands of their forms. I have also been a research & development engineer. I agree with this view of scientists. And this is also the opinion of our Vedas. At the time of the birth of the universe, God created the first vagina. Which included botanical and Ayurveda and 5 elements and God had made arrangements to eat and drink. After this, the egg and the ovum were formed. The organisms living in the egg of vagina keep purifying the water. After that God created man as a young woman and young man. If they had made a child, then they could not live, and if they were made old, they could not produce children. Therefore, the universe does not started.

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Now the question arises how god made a young man. Of course, it is possible to know the science of this atom. Like in ancient times, sages used to collect Brahmastra from mechanical science by collecting atoms. And today's scientists collect atoms to make bombs and missiles. In the same way, if the billions of atoms that make humans are assembled, a young man and a woman can be made. If the atoms of an animal are collected, then that lion, elephant and bull can also be made. Thousands of such examples exist in our texts. Such as Lord Ganesha beheading a elephant and conveting alhiliya in form of stone, the birth of Draupadi from the Havan Kund, the resurrection of arjuna who died and the many forms made by Meghnad are excellent examples of this.

The basis of life of our 84 lakh yoni is the ratio of 5 elements and atoms of 5 elements. If the ratio of these elements is deteriorated, then it is necessary for the body to be sick or destroyed. If the atomic element of water is more in the soil, then earthworm, snake, nettle and geese will be generated. If the atoms of the air element are more, then birds and Raman organisms will be produced in the air.

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For example, if it rains continuously for a month in dry soil, there are many types of animals like earthworms, tortoises and moths . In the same way, a man's life is also born. If you become a yogi and know this science of God, then you can do such miracles. There will be a time in the future when these miracles will happen.

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