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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Know "Jatkarma" The Fourth sacrament (Sanskar) and it's necessity.

Know "Jatkarma" The Fourth sacrament (Sanskar)and it's necessity.

MyJyotish expert Updated 25 Apr 2021 01:40 PM IST
16 Sacraments
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 Birth Rituals are performed at the time of cutting of the placenta after the child is born. By performing this Caste Ritual, the child gets in touch with the divine power and nature of God. The child should have meritorious intelligence and all the qualities of nature should come in it and the body voice is stronger than the intellect, so the child should first get 2 drops of cow's ghee and 6 drops of honey.

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Cow's ghee and honey are similar to ambrosia. After making the newborn lick cow’s ghee and honey, the child's father should worship  the Navagraha and perform the Yajna. by worshiping the planets and performing Yajna, they do not cause their wrath.. Before the naming ceremony, there is the influence of sutak in the house, due to which this Yajna can also be performed in the temple. If the child is welcomed by Ved mantras, then the rites of the previous birth begin to be awakened. And the child's life ahead becomes safe. The mother should feed the child only after performing the rituals. The mother should think good  about the baby while weaning. As mother would think at that time, the same thoughts will move through the milk around the newborn’s five soul ‘Apaan’, ‘Udaan’, ‘Samaan’ and ‘Vyan’. 10 moves in the senses and five in the Mahabhutas. In this way, if the mother thinks well, then pure and great thoughts travel among the 24 elements of the newborn.
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