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Know measures to end Mental and Physical crisis:

MyJyotish Expert Updated 09 May 2021 10:14 AM IST

In view of this terrible form of Corona -19 Virus Pandemic period, every person needs to take special care of themselves and their loved ones. In the coming days, the number of corona infections is increasing, due to which many rising leaders and actors have lost their lives in the country. 

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During this time, there is a special need to be very careful with all types of diseases and you should avoid every crisis. It is said that the crisis occurs on a person also has the effect of some Vastu Dosha.  So let's know about such Vaastu Dosha by which the problems are coming which can be avoided and you can protect yourself from diseases.
  • Reciting Hanuman Chalisa every morning and evening in the holy spirit, along with happiness and peace in the house, can also get rid of diseases. 
  • Burn the camphor in the house every morning and evening.
  • Read Sundarkand once a month. 
  • Donate the black and white blanket to a temple after 21 times by yourself. 
  • Never intake food and water without washing your mouth in the morning and drink basil decoction daily before going to bed in the morning and at night. By doing this, the disease will never reach you. 
  • Take water in a copper pot and mix a little red sandalwood in it. Put this at your head and sleep at night. 
  • Offer water in the morning on a tree or acacia tree. If you cannot do this, then immerse the water in a pot outside. By doing this you will feel mentally healthy.
  • Take watery coconut and stab 21 times over yourself and go outside at any devasthan or house and burn it in a fire. Do this remedy on tuesday or saturday. 
  • On Saturday, put mustard oil and coin in the bowl of bronze, see your shadow in it and give it to the person asking for oil. 
  • Feed bread to the dog every day, by doing this, the crisis ends. 
  • Skin diseases are cured by taking a bath with curd. 
By following all these measures, you and your family will be free from diseases and will also help in fighting this dangerous disease, which will make your life more pleasant and peaceful.

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