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Very few people know these special things of Lord Dattatreya, read to know

My Jyotish Expert Updated 05 Oct 2021 07:30 PM IST
Lord Dattatreya
Lord Dattatreya - Photo : Google
In Hinduism, Lord Dattatreya is considered as one of the three gods Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. According to religious texts, Shri Dattatreya is the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He remained a Brahmachari and an Avadhoot from birth to life, so he is called omnipresent. This is the reason that the worship of Lord Dattatreya, which comprises all the three divine powers, is considered to be very successful, pleasant and giving quick results. His worship done with mind, deed and speech free the devotee from every difficulty.

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 It is said that the real form of Lord Bhole is found in Dattatreya. When Vedic Karmas, Dharma and Varna system disappeared, then Lord Dattatreya revived all. Haihayraj Arjuna pleased him with his services and had obtained four boons.

 The first is to become strong, truthful, mindful, blame-seeing and with co-armed, second to be able to rule the entire pastoral world along with Jaryuj and Andaja living beings, third to be able to worship the gods, rishis, brahmins etc. and destroy the enemies. And the fourth world, heaven and the afterlife to be killed at the hands of an eminent person.
Once, Goddess Lakshmi, Parvati and Saraswati became very proud of their husbandry. God created Leela to destroy their ego. According to him, one-day Naradji reached Devlok while roaming around and told the three goddesses in turn that your chastity is nothing in front of Anusuiya, the wife of sage Atri.
The three goddesses told this to their masters and asked them to test the husbandry of Anusuiya. Then, Lord Shankar, Vishnu and Brahma came to the ashram of Atri Muni disguised as a sadhu. Maharishi Atri was not in the ashram at that time. All three asked for alms from Goddess Anusuiya and also said that you will have to give alms to us naked.

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Anusuiya was shocked to hear this at first, but then fearing that the sadhus should not be insulted, she remembered her husband and said that if my husbandry religion is true, then these three sadhus should become six-six months old babies.
On saying this, Tridev started crying like an infant. Then Anusuiya became a mother, took her in her arms and breastfed her and started swinging in the cradle. When the three gods did not return to their places, the goddesses became distraught. Then Narada came there and told everything. The three ladies came to Anusuiya and asked for forgiveness. Then Goddess Anusuiya made Tridev in his former firm.
Being pleased, Tridev granted him a boon that all three of us would be born as sons from your womb with our share. Then the Moon was born from the part of Brahma, Durvasa from the part of Shankar and Dattatreya from the part of Vishnu. Sridattatreya had done public welfare for millions of years through Kartavirya Arjuna (eldest son of Kritavirya). After the death of Kritavirya Haihayaraj, on the coronation of his son Arjuna, Garga Muni told him that he should take shelter of Sridattatreya because Vishnu has incarnated in his form.
It is believed that Lord Dattatreya comes to bathe in the Ganges, so Datta Paduka is worshipped on the banks of Ganga Maiya. Lord Dattatreya is worshipped with pomp in Maharashtra. He is worshipped as Guru.
There is a temple of Lord Dattatreya in Narmada, Gujarat, where unemployed people get employment by offering prasad of jaggery, groundnut for 7 consecutive weeks.

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