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Know the auspicious places to put up Lord Buddha's Idol

My Jyotish Expert Updated 01 Jul 2021 09:02 AM IST
Buddha statue
Buddha statue - Photo : google
Education is consider very important in today’s world, as it is said that education is a light that removes the darkness from anyone’s life and if a person is educated he or she can achieve anything in life and because education ls so important every parent wants the best education for their kids and for that they work very hard.

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According to Hindu astrology, every planet has a certain effects on the education of the children and due to the direction of the planets there can be some problems in the education of the children and to solve these problems there are many remedies to get success in exams and to solve problems related to education.
Rahu and ketu’s effects on education
Rahu Ketu is the fifth planet in astrology and is also the main planet which is associated with education. If rahu and ketu are on a position the person has to face difficulties related to education and difficulties can also increase if Saturn and mars are on a bad position also. So to reduce the inauspicious effects of the bad positioning on the students, planets position should be kept auspicious.

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Jupiter (Guru Brihaspati) and mercury effects on education
Jupiter and mercury are consider very auspicious in case of education. Jupiter is consider a guru, which is directly related to education and because of it, Jupiter is consider very auspicious in the field of education. If Jupiter is in the good position, the person will get respect in the field of education. Mercury is a planet of intellect and if mercury is in good position, it will increase memory power and it will also remove problems in the way of your education.

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By worshiping lord Vishnu, Jupiter will get in the auspicious position which will result in improvement in education and by keeping fast for Ekadashi, lord Vishnu will be pleased and all your obstacles related to education will be removed and if the child is not able to keep the fast then his parents can keep the fast for him.  
You can also get the same result by worshiping lord ganesha as he is consider the god of knowledge and by worshiping him all your inauspiciousness gets remove, which was caused by Rahu and Ketu. Try to worship lord ganesha on Wednesday as it will bring benefits in the field of education.
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