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Know the effects of Planets on your Relationship

MY JYOTISH EXPERT Updated 06 Jun 2021 03:04 PM IST
Effects of Planets on your Relationship
Effects of Planets on your Relationship - Photo : GOOGLE
Relation are so important for humans that without it we can’t keep balance in our mind. Relationship connects two families/ people with each other and there is no person how can live alone in this big world. Relationship stay with you in your difficult times and build bonds with people. According to hindu astrology every relationship is connected with planets and planets can weaken your relationships.

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Sun is the planet for happiness, health and fame and when sun is in a weak position in a persons kundli problems related to bones and heart arises. It also cause failure in the work of the person. If sun is weak you will always face problem related to your health. Giving respect to your father can also strengthen your suns position.
Moon is consider the reflection of mind. Moon is a sign of popularity, good mind and happiness. When moon is weak in someone’s kundli it can result in mental problems, tension in life and trouble in love relations and by respecting your mother you can strengthen your moons position.

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Mars is consider the planet of might and wealth. If your mars is in a good position your relationship with your siblings will improve and if mars is weak you will face problem related to injury and debt. Respect your ancestors it will improve the position of mars.
Mercury is know as the planet of beauty and intelligence and a weaken mercury can weaken your intelligence and it will also weaken you confidence. Keeping good relation with your mother side will result in strengthening the position of mercury.
Jupiter is also know as Brihaspati and is responsible for a persons knowledge and gods blessing. When a persons Jupiter is weak he will face health problem related to liver, intestine and will also cause loneliness to the person. By respecting teachers and elderly people you can fix the position of Jupiter.
 Venus is responsible for worldly happiness and wealth. When venus is weak happiness goes from ones life and the person will not be able to enjoy his live after having everything and by respecting women one can improve their position.
Saturn is also know as shani dev and is consider a very important planet related to employment of a person. If Saturn is in good position you will get a nice job and a good vehicle in your life. You will get unemployed when Saturn is weak and you will have to face a lot of difficulties in life and by respecting the younger person you can fix you Saturn.
Rahu is responsible for success in political and film industry and a person has a good rahu he will attain fame overnight and will be successful in every field. If rahu is weaken the persons fame and name will mix with soil and he will be indulge in liquor and intoxication and by respecting gurus you can fix your rahu. 
Ketu is responsible for happiness and mystics. If ketu is in good position one can gain mystical power and can lead to a happy life and to fix ketu one should worship lord shiva.

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