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Know the effects of the planets on the architecture of the house and which part should be kept auspicious and Bright?

MyJyotish expert Updated 25 Apr 2021 11:42 AM IST
Vastu and Architecture
Vastu and Architecture - Photo : GOOGLE

Importance of directions in Vastu Shastra
In any Vastu, nine planets dominate and in Vastu they occupy a certain angle. Similarly, the Gods of each direction are also different. When they are balanced in the house, there is happiness and prosperity, on the contrary, Vastu dosha arises due to the inappropriate construction of their nature, due to which many kinds of problems arise in life.

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let us now know how Jyotishacharya Pandit Narendra Krishna Shastri explains affects all the nine planets on the architecture of the house.
  1. Sun planet: - Lord of the east direction is Sun planet and God is Indra. The Sun is the planet providing health, opulence and splendour. If the east direction of the house is free from defects, then the owner of that building and the members living in it are ambitious, full of virtues and sharp on their face. In such a situation, the building owner gets a lot of respect. Therefore, it is advisable to leave the east direction open in Vastu so that the sun signs of eternal qualities can enter the building. Never stop this direction heavy and close.
  2. Venus planet: - Venus is the planet of the angular angle and the god of this direction is Agnidev. Venus is the lord of the planet Aishwarya. The interior energy of Vastu is healthy and with the properties of Venus in a building in which the south-east or igneous angle is full of defects and without defects. In this direction, having kitchen, electrical goods and electrical center are considered auspicious according to Vastu.
  3. Mars: - South direction is under Mars and the God of this direction is Yama. Mars gives all kinds of courage and wealth. Mars is fearless, courageous, and bold and it is also the master of war, war, anger. Dakshinadisha deals with law, justice, litigation, rest, life, and death. Therefore, bedroom and store house should be kept in this direction.
  4. Rahu planet: - Rahu is the lord of south west direction or south west corner and the goddess of this direction is with devilish power. The Tamas element is the highest in this direction, so it is auspicious to keep this direction heavy in Vastu. Do not forget this direction at home and keep it light and open. In this direction, it is beneficial to build a bedroom, office, bathroom, or storeroom.
  5. Saturn: - West direction is the direction of profit and happiness. The planet of this direction is Shani and the deity Varun Dev. Saturn is a factor of luck, karma, fame, and heroic actions. This direction should always be kept healthy. In this direction it is auspicious to have a drawing room, bedroom, library.
  6. Moon planet: - The lord of the aerial direction is the moon. It is the master planet of calm mind and destiny. It is a factor of mind, mindfulness, physical and mental health, property, and mother. At the same time, Vayu Anga is the place of Vayudev in Vastu. Air God gives us strength, life, and health. It has a special effect on social life and business. In this direction it is auspicious to have a dining room, guest house, marriageable girls’ room, and bathroom without toilet.
  7. Mercury planet: - This planet is the lord of the north direction and the god of this direction is Kuberdev. Mercury is the representative planet of speech and wisdom. People in the house where north direction is auspicious are extremely intelligent, learned, interested in writing and poetry. Mercury is the representative planet of prosperity and career, so study rooms, vault and library are considered auspicious in this direction.
  8. Guru planet: - It is the lord planet of the northeast or northeast and Vishnudev is the god of this direction. Guru is the provider of divine glory and spiritual instinct. This direction should be kept healthy for intellectual development and intellectual peace and to get the grace of God. In this direction, making a place of worship and a yoga room is very auspicious.
Hence, Vastu Dosha can create a lot of problems and conflicts in our life if there is any kind of non-balance of Vastu and Planets in the Architecture of a house.
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