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Know the importance of white clothes in Hinduism

My Jyotish Expert Updated 18 Oct 2021 06:52 PM IST
White Clothes
White Clothes - Photo : Google
White clothes have great importance in Hinduism. White color is considered auspicious in every way, but over time people stopped using this color in auspicious works. However, in ancient times, clothes of this color were used for all kinds of auspicious works. This color is the color of peace, auspiciousness, purity and salvation.

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Laxmi’s clothes: The truth is that white color is considered more pure among all colours, that is why it is said that Lakshmi always resides in white clothes.

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Manglik Clothing: Until 20-25 years ago, the bride dressed in a red pair was clothed with a white veil. This means that if the bride takes the first step in her in-laws’ house, then Lakshmi resides in her white clothes. Even today the tradition of white cloth is followed in rural areas.
 Clothes of the sacrificer: In ancient times, whenever the sacrifice was performed, both men and women used to sit wearing white clothes. The priestly class used to perform Yagya wearing similar clothes.
On the other hand, even today it is customary to wear white kurta and dhoti in any honor ceremony etc.
Widow’s clothes: If someone’s husband dies, then he is called a widow and if someone’s wife is dead, then he is called a widower. According to the scriptures, on the ninth day after the death of her husband, she has to wear a white sari, abandoning the colors of the world, she cannot do any kind of jewelery and make-up. A woman was to wear only white clothes until a few years after the death of her husband. After that if she wants to change the colour, she can wear very light colored clothes.

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