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Know the incredible temple in which the Heart of Shri Krishna still beats

MY JYOTISH EXPERT Updated 04 Jun 2021 11:00 AM IST
According to Hinduism, the group of four holy pilgrimage sites is of great importance for attaining salvation, which is called Char Dham. The first of these four dhams are Badrinath where Lord Vishnu had bathed, Dwarka where he changed clothes, Puri where the Lord had eaten and finally Rameshwaram where Lord Vishnu rested. Jagannath Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu's Krishna avatar located in Puri, Odisha is also one of these four Dhams. Where even today the beating heart of Shri Krishna is kept inside the wooden statue of Lord Jagannath. The activities of Lord Krishna are famous all over the world. There are many such mysterious stories of this 800 year old temple, which no one has any answer to.

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This unique temple has wooden statues-
Idols of Hindu gods and goddesses are often made of stone or any metal. But the surprising thing is that in this temple of Vishnu there are wooden statues of Lord Jagannath, his brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra. According to people, this temple actually had a four-handed statue of Lord Vishnu, also known as Neela Madhav. But this temple was attacked many times by the Mughal rulers, due to which that statue was damaged many times. The Maharaja of Puri then decided that this statue should be replaced with something that could be made easily if it needed to be made again and again. The existing idols are made of neem wood.

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Every 12 years the beating heart of Shri Krishna is installed in a new statue :-
All the three idols installed in the temple are replaced with new ones every 12 years. There are many mysterious things related to this process. When the idols are replaced, the electricity across the city is cut off and there is complete darkness around the temple. CRPF teams is deployed for security and at that time only the idol-changing priest is allowed into the temple, who is also blindfolded, and gloves are worn in his hands. According to the beliefs, the heart of Shri Krishna is removed from the old idols and put in the new idol. No one knows much about this heart of Krishna. But it is believed that it is some kind of living matter. It is said that if someone sees it, then he turned into ashes.

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Many more secrets are imprisoned in this temple-
Secret of the kitchen: The kitchen of the Jagannath temple is the largest kitchen in the world. When offerings are made for the devotees, then seven utensils are placed one on top of the wood stove, but the surprising thing is that first the prasad is made in the  vessel placed on the top and lastly the first utensils. Why? Apart from this, even if lakhs people come, the prasad never falls short here. But as soon as the time comes to close the door, the prasad automatically ends.
Secret of the flag - The shadow of any part of this temple does not fall on the ground at any time of the day. Apart from this, there is a rule to change the flag on the summit every day in the temple, if this is not done then perhaps the temple will be closed for the next 18 years. And this flag always flies in the opposite direction from the wind.
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