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Know the mystery behind the Alcohol consuming idol of Lord Kaal Bhairav

My Jyotish Expert Updated 29 May 2021 01:48 PM IST
Kaal Bhairav
Kaal Bhairav - Photo : Google

Mystery behind the alcohol drinking idol of lord kaal bhairav.There is a mysterious temple of lord kaal bhairav in Madhya Pradesh, Ujjain where worshipers offer madeira/ alcohol to Lord Kaal Bbhairav as it is believed that he likes and drinks the offerings by devotees. Ujjain is said to be the city of lord shiva (Mahakal).anutha kaal bhairav temple is a 6000 year old temple, this temple is located on the banks of shipra river and because it is an tantric temple meat, alcohol and sacrificial offerings are done in this temple. This temple is placed between crematorium where bodys are cremated. 

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When the idol of lord kaal bhairav started consuming food and drinks like alcohol. They first sit near the idol offered him a cup of alcohol which was put near his mouth and they started chanting mantras and underv  2 minutes the whole cup was empty. But there were no holes in the idols mouth many claim. 

During british raj, officer conducted a examination of the temple and excavated the place around the idol, but nothing was found till this day and the mystery remained mystery.After this incident many people have tried to solve this mystery but no one has been successful. Many claimed that the porus stone which is used to made the idol is absorbing all the liquor.

But this theory was rejected because porus does not have the ability to absorb alcohol for thousands of years. Many said that the alcohol would have mixed in the air. But in the end this theory was also discarded because the idol was drinking the alcohol at a rapid speed which is impossible.And in the end every one drew the conclusion that it is the lord kaal bhairav that is drinking the alcohol him self and fulfilling the wishes of the people.

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