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Know the Mythological reason behind why one should not make eye contact with Lord Shani Dev

My Jyotish Expert Updated 12 Jun 2021 08:08 PM IST
Shani Dev Drishti
Shani Dev Drishti - Photo : google
Know the mythological story behind why one shouldn’t look at the idol of Lord Shani
Lord Shani is considered the son of Lord Surya and Chhaya. They are also worshipped, but have you ever noticed that the idol of Shani Dev is always worshiped in the temples only? No one brings the idol of Lord Shani in their house and neither do people look at his eyes while worshiping. Let us tell you why does this happens?

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It is a religious belief that one should not look in the eyes of Lord Shani because he has been cursed by someone that to whomever he will cast his eyes upon, they will be surely hurt. To stay away from his sight, people do not keep his idol at home. This is why people do not worship Lord Shani standing in front of him or looking directly towards him.
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Got cursed from wife-
According to mythology, Lord Shani was cursed by his wife. Once when Lord Shani was absorbed in devotion, his wife came to him with the desire to have children. But Lord Shani was so engrossed in meditation that he did not even look at him. Due to this, his wife got very angry with him and she cursed Lord Shani that “You may not be able to look at someone in future, and your sight would remain ever downward. Whomsoever you look at would be ruined away."
Lord Ganesha's head was chopped off due to the sight of Shani-
It is also believed that due to the sight of Shani, the head of Lord Ganesha was severed from the body. There is a story behind this that when Goddess Parvati made her son Ganesha from her body scrub, a festival took place in Shivlok. All the gods came to give him their blessings but Lord Shani started returning from there without seeing him. Then Goddess Parvati asked Lord Shani if he will return without even seeing her son. Lord Shani insisted to her that it is not auspicious to see him. Then Mother Parvati said that you may not be happy to be my son, but my order is that you see it and give your blessings. Lord Shani for the sake of following her orders cast his eyes on Lord Ganesha and it is said that only after the sight of Lord Shani, the incident of the beheading of Lord Ganesha happened, after which Lord Ganesha was given the head of an elephant and soon he was given the name Gajanana.
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