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Know the necessity of “Naming” sacrament (sanskar) and its Social, Mental and divine importance

MyJyotish expert Updated 25 Apr 2021 04:11 PM IST
16 Sacraments
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Naming rites has a social significance in our 16 rites. This rite is performed on the tenth day after the child is born. It is also called Dashontan. After this, the sutak is over from home. This rite is also performed on the 11th day after 10 days at some places. If the position of the planetary constellation is not good at that time, it is Bhadra or an inauspicious combination of planets is there, then the naming ceremony can be extended further.

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The child should be named on the basis of astrological calculations. And the name should be such that it should include the valor, wealth, greatness and education of the ancestors. When the child enters his tongue state, on the basis of his name, his bravery and knowledge will be awakened and morale and self-power will also be awakened. And the rites of his mind began to be awakened with his name. And on the basis of the name, he can touch the climax of his progress.
Many astrologers keep such a name because of which the child lives in depressions all his life and continues to be a joke. Like Lalu, Rawadi Devi, Chunri Devi, Hakli Devi, Pango Devi, Bhikhari Singh, Hoti Lal, Khota Singh, Jhandumal, Chhidi Lal, Chedi Singh should not be given such names. Life becomes useless with such names and the child suffers mental stress throughout his life. And keeps abusing Pandit. Some people change their names or give themselves short names in English after coming to youth. Numerology should also be kept in mind while naming one. The name should always be kept according to the lunar zodiac and the constellation phase.
Which further makes it easy for a Brahmin to take the appropriate name of a zodiac and of a constellation while doing any determination or taking a pledge in the future.
Never, dearly, should the child's name be called half incomplete. Later, he gets used to being called with  the same name. When the child becomes a superior officer or judge or leader, he experiences mental pressure by being called by his incomplete name.
While performing this ritual, all the rules of worship should be followed and the Brahmin should be given proper Dakshina with happiness.
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