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Know the significance and history of Radha Ashtami

My Jyotish Expert Updated 05 Sep 2021 09:33 AM IST
Importance of Radha Ashtami
Importance of Radha Ashtami - Photo : Google
Radhashtami is celebrated on the eighth day of the bright fortnight (Shukla Paksha Ashtami) in the month of Bhadra (August – September). It is a very significant festival for the devotees. Radharani is the mother of the entire universe and on this auspicious day, devotees pray to Her to bless them with Krishna-bhakti. The Name of Lord Krishna is always taken with Radha Ji. Ashtami is celebrated just after 15 days of Krishna Janmashtami. According to Hindu Panchang, Ashtami is celebrated on the 8th day of Bhadrapada. In the evening, the Utsava Deities of Sri Radha Krishnachandra receive a splendid abhisheka. Devotees perform Kirtanas and glorify Srimati Radharani by singing wonderful songs composed by Vaishnava Acharyas. Hundreds of devotees visit the temple to witness the celebrations. The Deities are bathed with milk, curd, ghee, honey, and jaggery water followed by juices from varieties of fruits like muskmelon, apple, watermelon, pineapple, pomegranate, orange, sweet lime, papaya, grapes, etc. An elaborate aarti is performed as the devotees sing Sri Radhikastava. After the arati, the Deities are bathed with sanctified water from 108 Kalash. This is followed by the showering of different varieties of flowers. After the abhisheka, Chappan Bhog (56 varieties of delicacies prepared by devotees) is offered to Sri Radha Krishnachandra.

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The celebrations conclude with a Grand Shayana arati. Devotees sing Radhikastaka, a special song composed by Srila Rupa Gosvami. The Shayana Aarti is followed by a Grand Pallakki Utsava.

The festival of Radhashtami will be celebrated on 14 September 2021 this year. Today we are going to tell you how Radha died. According to the Puranas, Radha was the beloved of Lord Krishna. Radha used to spend more time in Vrindavan. It is said that she saw Sri Krishna for the first time when his mother Yashoda tied him to a tree. Apart from this, some people say that she had seen Sri Krishna for the first time when she came to Gokul with her father Vrishanuji. Many scholars believe that the two met for the first time at Sanket Tirtha and after that, they both fell in love.

It is said that Sri Krishna and Radha wanted to get married, but this marriage could not happen because of Yashoda and Gargamuni. After that Sri Krishna left Vrindavan forever and went to Muthra and Dwarka from Mathura. But even during this time, he never forgot Radha and Radha also did not forget Shri Krishna. It is said that when Krishna left Vrindavan and went to Mathura, it became rare for Radha to see him and meet him. Later Radha and Krishna met Kurukshetra, where Radha accompanied Krishna from Dwarka and Nanda from Vrindavan on the occasion of the solar eclipse. It is said that Radha went with Nand baba only to see and meet Krishna and the mention of this is found in the Puranas.

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