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Know the signs of how Shani Dev is affecting your life

My Jyotish Expert Updated 19 Sep 2021 11:08 AM IST
Shani Dev
Shani Dev - Photo : Google
Shani Maharaj, the God of justice, gives his fruits only by deeds. In astrology, Shani Dev was named as a judge. It is a religious belief that when Shani Dev is happy with someone, his life changes completely, he lacks nothing. On the other hand, in his punishment, Mahadasha, Dasha, Sadesati, and Dhaiaya happened to be. Therefore, to please Shani Dev, it is performed in worship and offered with oil so that a person can remove his bad effects. Some such identities are given to astrology, where you can easily determine if there is a powerful Saturn effect on you. So let's face it - most companies will pay you to bring them down.

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  • He is determined to be like that have been problems: According to the stars, black and blue Saturn chef. When Shani Dev gives amazing results, human hair begins to fall out quickly. Such a person should be careful and pray and fast in Shani Dev so that his blessings last forever. By the way, you should also know that even if there is a negative effect of the sun, the hair begins to fall out quickly and baldness begins to come.
  • Allowing them to increase the sunburn on his forehead: You sit there feeling good most people change the color of the forehead. The light of the forehead gradually fades and darkness begins to appear. Such a person should do everything carefully because there is a fear of being discriminated against in him. Such a person may have to deal with failure and then think that something is wrong.
  • It's always scary: When Saturn delivers amazing results, things start to get worse for the family and the business and the work begins to deteriorate. In line with this, fear of fire in the business and home environment also remains. So bring positive changes in your behavior and pray to Shani Dev
  • Enthusiasm for these things grows, it becomes: When Saturn gives unpleasant results, then one feels inclined to do immoral things. His hobby of investing in stock betting is increasing and he is getting into the wrong company. Shania's Influence Man changes his mind and begins to engage in such activities because of what he has to deal with financial losses.
  • Pattern conversion: As a result of changes in the position of Saturn changes in the dietary habits of man appear to be very common. Human appetite begins to increase in spicy, fatty, and non-vegetarian foods. Someone who lives away from meat and alcohol also begins to take interest in them. Therefore, when the interest in these things begins to grow, then one must tread carefully.
  • This kind of nature becomes:  According to astrology, thanks to the positive effect of Saturn, human nature is beginning to change. He begins to lie more and more and the feeling of anger also begins to increase. It is his nature to lie and get angry over small things. No interest in religious activities.

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