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Know the signs of what will happen in the future

MyJyotish expert Updated 21 Apr 2021 12:18 PM IST
Future Astrology
Future Astrology - Photo : GOOGLE
Know the signs of what will happen in the future :-
•    Signs include mole thoughts, limb bursts and understanding of the surrounding nature and environment. The meaning of bursting of body parts is described in detail in a book of astrology, Samudra Shastra. 

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• For example, before any event happens, some parts of our body start showing signs of vibration, as it also comes in Ramayana, that Sita Mata should get auspicious signs as soon as Lord Rama comes out to fight with Ravana. Had started and all the ominous signs started coming to Ravana. We do not know how correct or correct the scripture of signs is.
•    Splitting Ideas: - 
• If the left part of a man’s body bursts, then he may have to face some sad event in future. At the same time, if there is movement in the right part of his body, then he may soon get to hear some good news. While this is the reverse in the case of women.
If there is a stir on the forehead of a person, then material happiness
• Temples have a money advantage on sharpening.
Tearing the forehead gives you the benefit of the land.
• Frontal flaking bath provides benefits.
Eye flicker gives wealth.
If the midwife flashes the eyes, then all the wishes are going to be fulfilled.
If there is a movement in the left eye, you can get good news.
If the midwife’s eye bursts for a long time or days, then this prolonged disease.
If you tear the shoulders, there is an increase in enjoyment.
Burst between both eyebrows is pleasing.
Flaming cupcakes are auspicious.
Financial development takes place when the eyeballs are fluttered.
If there is a flutter near the eyes, then there is a meeting of the beloved.
If your lips are cracked, a new friend is about to come in the forest.
Cracking of hands is an indicator of getting wealth from good work.
The bursting of the chest is a triumph.
• When the heart bursts, it gives you favors.
The flaring of the navel causes harm to the woman.
Bursting of the abdomen leads to leprosy.
Anal fissures give pleasure to the vehicle.
• The bursting of the gorge results in opulence.
• Friends are benefited by such facial bursts and bursts of lips indicate the attainment of the beloved thing.
•    Changing behavior of birds and animals: 
“When Chaunti starts taking it to high altitude, then the rain definitely comes.
“The crow’s trembling on the roof gives the impression of someone coming.
“The spider web on the main door of any house or shop gives the impression of locking there.
● To see a white bird to any sick person is a feeling of death.
•    If a bird beats a person while walking, he gets the money lying in the way.
•    “A fall of a lizard onto someone is considered auspicious.
•    “The pigeon has been considered inauspicious.
•    ! “Parrots’ philosophy is considered auspicious.
•     Cat is considered inauspicious.
•    “Goat is considered auspicious.
•     Rooster is considered auspicious.
•    “Seeing elephant is considered very auspicious.
•    “Pigs have also been considered auspicious.
•     Seeing of the snake is painful.
•    “Seeing bats, misery, deception, black magic etc.
•    Honeybee is considered very auspicious.
•    “The horse is also considered auspicious. Ghost stay away from the horse.
•    Eagle is inauspicious. The tree on which the eagle arrives dries up.
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