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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Know the complete story of How Mata Sita performed shradh for King Dashrath

Know the complete story of How Mata Sita performed shradh for King Dashrath

My Jyotish Expert Updated 25 Sep 2021 11:22 AM IST
Shradh 2021
Shradh 2021 - Photo : Google
In Valmiki Ramayana, there is a reference to the soul of king Dashrath getting salvation by giving Pind Daan by Mata Sita.
During exile Lord Rama Lakshman and mother Sita went to Gaya Dham to perform shradh during Pitru Paksha.
There Shri Ram and Lakshman went towards the city to collect the necessary material for the shard prescribed by Brahman, but when Shri Ram and Lakshman got late in returning Brahmin requested mother Sita that the wicked time of Pind Daan was running out.

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Knowing this, mother Sita got confused. Then mother Sita realized the importance of time and decided that she herself would give Pind Daan to her father-in-law king Dasratha.
Considering The Banyan Tree,  crow, Tulsi, Brahman and cow present there along with the falgu river, she performed the Pind Daan of the late king Dasratha with all Vidhi.
After this as soon as she prayed with folded hands King Dasratha accepted the Pind donation of mother Sita.
Mother Sita was elated that Dasaratha had accepted her worship but she also knew that Lord Rama would not accept this because Pind Daan cannot be done without a son.

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After a while, Lord Rama and Lakshmana brought the material and asked about Pind Daan. Then Mother Sita said that because of the passage of time, I myself donated Pind Daan. Lord Rama could not believe how Pind Daan could be completed and accepted without a son and without material.
Then Sita ji said that the river Falgu, Tulsi, crow, cow, banyan tree and Brahmins present there can testify to the Shraddha rituals performed by her.

When Lord Rama asked whether all these things were true or not, then Falgu river, cow, crow, Tulsi and Brahmin five, seeing Lord Rama's anger, lied that Mother Sita did not donate any Pind Daan. Only the banyan tree told the truth that Mother Sita, keeping everyone as a witness, duly donated the body of King Dasharatha. When the five witnesses lied, Mother Sita got angry and cursed them for life.

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She Cursed the river Falgu that it will remain a river in name only, there will be no water in it. For this reason, the Falgu river is still dry in Gaya. Cursed the cow that even though the cow is worshipped, only its rear part will be worshipped and to eat the cow, one will have to wander from door to door. Even today in Hinduism, only the rear part of the cow is worshipped.
Mother Sita cursed the brahmin that he would never be satisfied and no matter how much he got, his poverty would remain forever. That is why brahmins are never satisfied even after donating Dakshina. Sitaji cursed Tulsi that she would never grow in the soil. It is true to date that Tulsi does not grow in Gaya soil. And the crow was always cursed to eat after fighting. Therefore, even today the crow does not eat food alone.
The effect of these curses given by Sita Mata can be seen in these five even today, where the curse of five was found, while speaking the truth, Mother Sita blessed the Vat tree that she would get long life and she would provide shade to others. And the virtuous woman will remember him and wish for her husband's long life.

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