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Know what are the right methods of celebrating the Govardhan festival

my jyotish expert Updated 23 Oct 2021 05:49 PM IST
Govardhan puja
Govardhan puja - Photo : google
According to Hindu mythology, The festival of Deepawali is celebrated for 5 days period. Out of which Dhanteras is celebrated on the first day, Narak Chaturdashi Also known as Roop chaudas on the second day, major festival Deepawali on the third day, Govardhan Puja on the fourth day and Bhai dooj on the fifth day.  Let's know when the Govardhan pooja is celebrated this year along with its auspicious beginning and methods of worship. Govardhan Puja is also known Annakut Mahotsav.

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When is Govardhan Puja –
Govardhan Puja 2021: The festival of Govardhan Puja is held on Pratipada, the second day of the new moon in the month of Kartik.  This time this festival will be kept on Friday number 5 2021.
Date: Shukla Paksha Pratipada date will be on 05 November from 02:44 am to 11:14 pm.
Yoga: On this day there will be Ayushman Yoga, Shobhan Yoga and Saubhagya Yoga.

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Auspicious beginning (Muhurata) of the festival –
1. First Muhurta: From 06:35:38 to 08:47:12 in the morning is the auspicious time for worship.
 2. Second Muhurta: Shubh Muhurta is from 03:21:53 to 05:33:27 in the evening.
 3. Third Muhurta: Abhijit Muhurta from morning 11:42 am to evening 12:26 pm.
4. Fourth Muhurta: Amrit Kaal from evening 06:35 pm to night 08:00 pm.
5. Fifth Muhurta: Vijay Muhurta from 01:32 to 02:17 in the afternoon.
 6. Sixth Muhurta: Twilight Muhurta from 05:03 to 05:27 in the evening.
 7. Seventh Muhurta: From 05:15 to 06:32 in the evening.
 8. Eighth Muhurta: Nishita Muhurta from 11:16 to 12:08 at night.

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Method of Govardhan pooja –
1. On this day Govardhan mountain, cow, bull, buffalo, Lord Vishwakarma and Shri Krishna are worshipped.  This puja is performed in the morning and evening time.
2. In front of the house, it is decorated with flowers by making the shape of Govardhana mountain with cow dung.  In the middle of Govardhan, an earthen lamp, milk, curd, Gangajal, honey, Batase, etc. are poured during worship and later distributed as prasad.
3. During worship, incense, lamp, naivedya, water, fruits, etc. are offered on Govardhan.
4. On this day, animals used for agriculture work like cows, bulls, buffaloes, etc are decorated and worshipped.  Machines are also worshiped on this occasion in all factories and industries.
5. After the worship, 7 rounds of Govardhan are performed with the cheers of Govardhan.  The circumambulation of Govardhan is done by pouring water from the lotus or by sowing barley. On this day worship and circumambulation is done by making the shape of Govardhan from cow dung in front of enshrined lord Krishna. On Govardhan pooja curd, roli, rice, molly, flower, lighting lamp of oil are used for the circumambulation of mother cow and gwaal–baal.
6. It is called Annakoot festival because on this day fifty-six bhogs are offered to Lord Shri Krishna.
7. Annakoot Festival is celebrated in rural areas because on this day new grains are started by offering Bhog to God.  On this occasion, animals like cows and bulls are bathed and worshiped by wearing flower garlands, and incense-sandalwood and after feeding sweets to the mata cow, one should performs her aarti and also performs pradakshina.

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