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Know what is affecting your married life

My Jyotish Expert Updated 26 Oct 2021 08:13 PM IST
Know what is affecting your married life
Know what is affecting your married life - Photo : Google
Conflict is common in married life. However, sometimes this quarrel increases so much that the situation of separation occurs between husband and wife. We keep reading in the newspapers every day how husband and wife get divorced due to some quarrel. Sometimes, after a few months of marriage, the situation of divorce arises between husband and wife.

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There can be many reasons for discord, differences, and fights between husband and wife in married life.
There is also an astrological reason behind the quarrel or separation between husband and wife, The bond of marriage is very sacred and is tied with a strong string of love. However, when the planetary positions of the bride and groom start deteriorating, the sacred bond like marriage also starts weakening. They often get a crack.
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Astrology believes that the situation of quarrel or separation between husband and wife arises due to the inauspicious effect of planets in the horoscope. These planets and their effects have been mentioned in the ancient texts of astrology. According to astrology, Jupiter and Venus play important roles in connecting or breaking any relationship. If both these planets of husband and wife (Guru and Venus) are not in their respective directions, then their relationship has to face several issues, and at times bond comes to an end.
Let us have a detailed look at this, what are the yogs of a quarrel between husband and wife.
First Yog:-
If Rahu and Saturn are present in the horoscope, then a person may abandon his wife due to racism. This is the reason why there is a fight between them and in the end, a situation of separation arises.
 Second Yog:-
If the Sun located in the seventh house of a woman has a vision of her enemy planet, then the woman born in this yog leaves her husband. In simple words, when a devil planet reaches the seventh or eighth house of the horoscope of the bride or groom, then that relationship starts breaking.
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 Third Yog:-
In the resultant astrology, it is said that a woman whose birth chart has Venus in the sign of Mars or Saturn in the ascendant and there is a malefic effect in the seventh house, then a woman born in such a yog marries with any other man except her husband.
 Fourth Yog:-
It is said that if Moon and Venus are in the seventh house with the planets having a malefic effect, then the husband and wife secretly break the marital relationship.
 Fifth Yog:-
In whose horoscope weak malefic planets are sitting in the seventh house, the woman born in this yog is abandoned by her husband.
 Sixth Yog:-
Any person who has both auspicious and sinful planets in the seventh house of his horoscope and his seventh lord or Venus is weak, then such women leave their husband and get married to another man.
 Seventh Yog:-
If the Sun is present in the seventh house in a woman's horoscope and her seventh lord is weak, then the husbands of such women leave them.

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 Eighth Yog:-
When the Dasha of Venus is going on in the Jupiter present in one's horoscope or the Dasha of Jupiter is running in Venus, then the relationship between husband and wife starts to deteriorate.
 Ninth Yog:-
When the planet Venus is present in Mool, Jyestha, Krittika, or Ardra Nakshatra in one's birth chart, there is a danger of breaking the relationship.
 Tenth Yog:-
If the owner of the fourth house of the horoscope moves towards the sixth house or the owner of the sixth house moves towards the fourth house, then the possibility of divorce increases.
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