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Know what your teeth tells about you

My Jyotish Expert Updated 21 Oct 2021 01:16 PM IST
Teeths - Photo : Google
Our ancestors have composed many such scriptures and Puranas, based on which the nature and future of a person can be ascertained. One of such scriptures is Samudra Shastra. According to this, every part of our body tells something or the other about our nature. Accordingly, the shape of the teeth also reflects the nature of the human being. People who have gaps in their teeth are the ones who take pride in the money of others. You can find out about the nature and future of any person by looking at his teeth.

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People without teeth
People whose teeth are slightly out, they are talkative, they are expert in getting their point across. Sometimes they are cheerful and sometimes they are angry.
Straight and flat
People with straight and flat teeth are rich and they like to show off.
 Such people prefer to do their own business rather than doing someone's job. They are of friendly nature.
Ideal teeth
People with white and beautiful teeth are considered lucky. They are friendly and emotional. These people trust anyone easily. They are of simple nature.

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Gap in teeth
- People who have some gap between their teeth or whose teeth are a little far apart, such people can be ash on the money of others.
Apart from this, these people are lucky in terms of property because they get ancestral property from which they can spend their life easily.
These people are of expensive nature, that is why money does not last on them.
Small teeth
People with small teeth are of nature, they are intelligent and trustworthy. These people are experts in getting success in work.
Black teeth
People with light black teeth are quarrelsome. They know very well to get their work done. Such people are very selfish.
Yellow or light red
People with this type of tooth are happy and dependable. They like to interact with people. They are likely to have stomach problems.
Black and discoloured teeth
People with black and crooked teeth are of selfish nature. He can befriend anyone for his own benefit. Apart from this, they are also of greedy nature.

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Crooked teeth
But on the contrary, people with crooked teeth struggle throughout their lives. Also, believing in such people is like hitting an axe on one's own foot. These people are complemented by deceit in behaviour.
Hole in teeth
On this basis, it is said that a man who has a hole in his front two teeth, is lucky, wise, and benevolent.
- But on the contrary, if a woman has such holes in her teeth, then she faces misfortune throughout her life.
Tooth over tooth
People with such teeth have a happy married life. Women with such teeth are clever and ruling. Whereas men with such teeth are courageous.
What is Samudra Shastra?
Samudra Shastra was composed by the sage Samudra, that is why it came to be known as him.
- It is written about finding out about the person's nature and future based on physical appearance.
It is no longer found in its original form, but it is described in many Puranas and scriptures like Bhavishya and Garuna Purana.

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