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Home ›   Astrology Blogs ›   Palm Reading : Know which line on your hand can bring Good Luck in your Life?

Palm Reading : Know which line on your hand can bring Good Luck in your Life?

MyJyotish expert Updated 27 Apr 2021 10:14 AM IST
Because of this line in your hand, you will get a lot of luck and there will be no lack of money and gains:
Palmistry Luck Line: Here we are talking about the fate line that is not present in everyone's hand. It is said that people who have this lines in hands and  the lines are clear, deep and uncut, they get good success in a very short period of time in life. The fortunes of these people are very good. The place just below the palm's middle finger is considered to be the Bhagyasthan(place of luck). The line that comes directly from anywhere in the palm reaches Saturn mountain is called Bhagya Rekha (Line of Luck).

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Let us give a detailed information about the fate line of the hand:

Usually, this line starts from the wrist. Other than this, the line can also begin from Venus Mountain, lifeline, lunar mountain or heart line. It is from the starting point of this line that that tells the destiny of the person.
If the fate line starts from the wrist and without breaking this line reaches to Shani Mountain, then such a person lives the same life as a king. But if this line is cut in the middle then the person has to face difficulties in life at that time.
If the fate line on reaching the Saturn Mountain is divided into two lines, then such a person get respect as well as wealth in life. If this fate line climbs on the tip of the middle finger, then the person has to face failures even after working hard.
It is believed that the longer and deeper the fate line, the better the luck of a person. If a line moves out of the lunar mountain and goes along with the fate line, then the person is going to be married in a very rich family. Having two fate lines in hand is also considered very auspicious and that person is considered very lucky and achieves good success in life with a very little effort. But such hand is very rare, there can be only one person in lakhs.
If any line passes from the brain line in the middle of the palm to Shani Parwat, then it is believed that such a person reaches the highest peak in life by his ability. If the line originates from the mountain of Venus and meets Saturn, then the fate of such a person is only depends on art.
If by joining the lines on the fate line in the palm forms a triangle, then your luck is considered to be weak. Such people have to struggle a lot to get success in their lives.

Bhagya rekha explains your destiny. Whatever good or bad happens is destined by the bhagya rekha, hence knowing your future beforehand can help in growing bigger and better.
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